Matt Riddle def. Kassius Ohno

Matt Riddle hurls Kassius Ohno with a mighty German suplex: NXT TakeOver: Phoenix (WWE Network Exclusive)

Matt Riddle shows off his impressive strength with a picture-perfect German suplex: Courtesy of WWE Network.

Despite deeming the word “bro” canceled a few weeks back, Kassius Ohno may have to deal with getting called “Kassius Bro-no” after being dealt the L in his high-impact brawl against Matt Riddle.

In the threequel to their heated rivalry, which started with a six-second KO of Ohno at TakeOver: WarGames II and then a Bromission finale in fight No. 2 on the Jan. 2 edition of NXT, both heralded strikers exhausted their pent-up animosity toward one another by exchanging a series of wallops inside and outside the ring. Where Riddle sought retribution, Ohno aimed to inflict more treachery on his opponent.

The King of Bros exploded out of the starting blocks, striking Ohno with a running knee before deadlifting his opponent for a suplex. But The Knockout Artist wasn’t going down like that. In between back-to-back slaps across Riddle’s face, Ohno also served up déjà vu to his recent post-match attack by driving him into the steel steps. The treachery continued with Ohno pulling out all stops against The Original Bro – attacking (and biting!) Riddle’s barefoot, slamming him with a Liger Bomb and delivering a heavy-duty moonsault.

But Riddle absorbed the onslaught and returned it with fury. When Ohno attempted to extend his arm for a fist bump, Riddle refused the olive branch by tossing him across the mat with a sleeper suplex before forcing him to tap out to a Bromission filled with pummeling elbow strikes.

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