Percy Watson gets a second chance at living his dream in NXT

Percy Watson

It’s rare in life when you get a second chance to pursue your dream. However, that is precisely the case for “Showtime” Percy Watson. Originally setting out to pursue an in-ring WWE career, Watson thought his dream was all but gone when he was released in 2013. However, it was a chance phone call that gave him another opportunity to live his WWE dream. This week, Watson sat down with to talk about life after WWE, and his new role as a WWE NXT broadcaster.

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WWE.COM: First off, congratulations on joining the NXT announce team. What has the experience been like thus far?

PERCY WATSON: I feel privileged and honored to be a new addition to the announce team. It's a lot of fun, but there’s a lot to learn. Nonetheless, I look forward to being around as long as I possibly can.

WWE.COM: You initially joined WWE in 2009 after playing in the NFL. How would you sum up your first stint with the company?

WATSON: It was a huge learning experience and the most fun I've ever had in my life. There's no business in the world like WWE. I felt like I had more to do as a wrestler, but things happen in life and you move on.

WWE.COM: Was it hard adjusting to life after WWE?

WATSON: It was tough at first. I loved being a sports-entertainer and there was literally nothing I could replace that feeling with. You're performing in front of 10,000-plus people. You walk down that ramp and your music is playing, people are screaming. There's so much energy in the arenas.

WWE.COM: What led to your return after being away for more than three years?

WATSON: I’ve missed WWE since the day I left. I got a random call out of the blue and was offered the commentary opportunity, so I jumped at the chance.

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WWE.COM: How did you make a living once you left the company?

WATSON: During the time after I left NFL, prior to joining WWE, I was a commodity trader. Once I left WWE, I went back to doing that.

WWE.COM: You spent time in WWE's former developmental system, Florida Championship Wrestling, before it morphed into NXT. Plus, you competed in both NXT’s original competition format and its present-day brand. What’s your take on the growth of the system as a whole?

WATSON: It’s absolutely amazing! I mean from the talent to the WWE Performance Center to NXT TakeOver events, I love seeing how the developmental product has grown into such a huge brand.

WWE.COM: Much like your wrestling career in WWE, you’re starting from scratch, but this time as a broadcaster. If you had a vision board of goals, what would they be?

WATSON: Well, this whole experience has been completely surreal to me. But now that I’ve got a second chance, my goal is to learn as much as possible. I realize that it'll take some time, but I have no problem with that. I want to bring as much energy and "Showtime" to the announce team as I can.

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