Meet Sarah Schreiber, the newest member of NXT’s broadcast team

Sarah Schreiber

Armed with a microphone and an incredible zest for life, Sarah Schreiber is gaining some notoriety among NXT viewers as the newest addition to the brand’s broadcast team. It seems only fitting that Schreiber, whose life has been synonymous with entertainment projects, would make her foray into the world of sports-entertainment. This week, talks with Schreiber to discuss her past, her present and the excitement surrounding her WWE future.

WWE.COM: You’ve been with NXT for nearly five months now. Tell us what it was like making your debut during WrestleMania weekend.

SARAH SCHREIBER: It was an incredible time to start. Such a thrilling opportunity and to begin on the biggest weekend of the year was beyond exciting. Sitting in the crowd of over 78,000 fans at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, watching The Undertaker’s entrance, texting my brother the entire time, it was something out of a dream.

WWE.COM: What made you want to pursue the opportunity to join the WWE/NXT umbrella?

SCHREIBER: Coming from a theater background, it reminded me so much of why I love live performances. The thrill of being in front of the crowd, the adrenaline and excitement of the show. I also grew up watching WWE with my older brother Mark. I would be the only girl watching the pay-per-view events, and I was so captured by it.

WWE.COM: What were you doing before you entered the world of sports-entertainment?

SCHREIBER: I graduated from the University of Miami — go, Canes! — with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in musical theater. I lived in New York City and Los Angeles performing in theater, TV and film. Most recently, I have been guest-hosting at HSN, talking all the latest trends in jewelry and shoes at all times of the day… literally. Also, I just shot an ABC pilot produced by Eva Longoria, “NCIS: New Orleans” as well as “Bloodline.”

WWE.COM: What have been some of your favorite acting experiences?

SCHREIBER: I had the incredible opportunity to perform my own stunts opposite Bruce Willis at the Warner Bros. lot. It was a commercial directed by the very talented Joseph Kahn. They built a three-story building to throw me off and Bruce would save me. Another would be performing on “Late Show with David Letterman.” I received the phone call the morning of to get to the Ed Sullivan Theater because I was going to be on Letterman that night. I remember it was pouring out; I had left my makeup at an audition the day before. But I got there, was given the script, and next thing I knew I was shooting live opposite David Letterman. It’s moments like those that I’ve had to pinch myself. I have literally woken up the next day thinking, did that just really happen?

WWE.COM: You’ve certainly had a multitude of opportunities in the entertainment world. I understand you started dancing, singing and acting when you were a little girl?

SCHREIBER: Yes. I grew up right outside of New York City in Nutley, N.J., so my mother and father began bringing me into the city at an early age for singing/dancing classes as well as commercial and film auditions. The entertainment business definitely got me at a very early age. I can remember being at a Hershey Kiss commercial, and the couch had to be removed before my casting because the girl before me had an accident. Sooo, that early! I sang at some of the biggest stages before my 16th birthday: Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and even touring in Europe. I missed my prom because I was performing in a show. What I learned growing up like this is when you find something you love, you pursue it with all your heart. It takes discipline, hard work, passion and resilience. I see all those attributes in everyone I work with at WWE.

Meet Sarah Schreiber, the newest member of NXT’s broadcast team

WWE.COM: What was your family life like as you were growing up?

SCHREIBER: I am so beyond thankful for my family. My father is a retired Secaucus police officer and my mother just retired as a teacher. Congrats, Mom! They were very hardworking, caring, supportive and loving. My parents always encouraged me to do everything. I played soccer (my dad would tell you all about the time I was MVP and Defensive Player of Year in the same season), and I rowed crew. I played the flute, sang in choir, did stage productions, as well as produced radio shows in my basement with my best friend Heather. My parents put me in absolutely everything. I wanted to cheer, but my father said he wanted me to be playing the sport rather than cheering on the sidelines. I’ve adopted that mentality in every part of my life ever since.

WWE.COM: How do you feel all these prior experiences ultimately prepared you for your WWE career?

SCHREIBER: In all the work I’ve done, it’s about communicating and connecting with the audience, and the WWE Universe is the best in the world. They are part of the show. We wouldn’t be anywhere without them. It’s about putting on a great show and having an unbelievable time while doing it.

WWE.COM: What have been the coolest and perhaps most embarrassing moments you’ve had with NXT thus far?

SCHREIBER: My first week in the office at the WWE Performance Center, sitting across the desk from Shawn Michaels. I was included in a coaches’ meeting representing the announce team. Everyone went around the table and spoke about the current roster. Then it came to me. I was surrounded by Matt Bloom, Sara Amato, Terry Taylor, Norman Smiley and Steve Corino, to name a few. I was so flattered to even think that they would want to hear my opinion. But I also was incredibly grateful. To see these inspiring coaches who all have worked so hard to pursue their passion and have been so influential in sports-entertainment. Well, all I said was thank you, and I got a little emotional. Yes, my eyes may have welled up a bit. It was just such a big moment for my career. I would say it was probably the coolest and most embarrassing. I responded with, “I am a tough Jersey girl, I swear!”

Also, the time I tripped heading into the ring and got up singing. But let’s be honest, I’m certain that will happen again.

WWE.COM: What drives you to succeed here and in life?

SCHREIBER: It is such a prominent and significant international company. WWE is a family-owned business that has been successful for over 60 years. What the McMahons have created is just remarkable. Everyone is in it together to create a fantastic product. There is a lot of pride in the work ethic and camaraderie. You give handshakes to everyone you meet, dress nice to all the events. I just admire how things are done here. When I see Triple H at every NXT TV taping, by the ring and providing notes, that is what drives me to succeed here. The people that I work with care so much. I’m very grateful for this awesome opportunity. Do what you love with people you admire for an outstanding company with the best fans and it never feels like work.

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