Ember Moon ready for her toughest challenge yet at TakeOver: Orlando

Ember Moon and Asuka

Career-changing matches don’t come along every day, but for NXT’s Ember Moon, that is exactly what lies ahead. After becoming No. 1 contender to Asuka’s NXT Women’s Championship, Moon is poised for her toughest challenge to date. This week, The War Goddess reveals her concerns and shares what motivates her heading into the title match at NXT TakeOver: Orlando.

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WWE.COM: Ember, congratulations on earning the right to challenge Asuka at NXT Takeover: Orlando for the NXT Women’s Championship. How pumped are you for the match?

EMBER MOON: I’m extremely ecstatic about the opportunity. I feel like I’ve earned it. A lot of people are given things and a lot of people try to take things, but I can safely say I’ve earned the right to be the number one contender.

WWE.COM: What are some of the obstacles you’ve faced over the last year to get to this point?

MOON: One was just getting the people to believe in me. I wanted them to truly believe that I have the passion and the drive to set the bar higher than it’s ever been set in this division. In addition to that, I had to overcome people like Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, who have made a habit of taking opportunities and beating people down. I had to keep myself focused because I knew my destiny was to be in this match with Asuka.

Ember Moon vs. Billie Kay: WWE NXT, March 8, 2017

Ember Moon and Billie Kay lock up, trying to impress as NXT GM William Regal looks for NXT Women's Champion Asuka's next challenger. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

WWE.COM: Since you brought them up, what are your thoughts on Kay and Royce attempting to have your finisher, the Eclipse, banned?

MOON: It’s never my intent to hurt anyone. It sucks that Billie Kay suffered an injury, but I think they’re just crying over spilled milk because they aren’t the ones getting the match with Asuka at TakeOver.

WWE.COM: I know you’re very familiar with Asuka’s career both in and out of NXT. What’s been your impression of her over the years?

MOON: I can honestly say that I used to be afraid of Asuka. Before I got to NXT, I used to watch her and think that she is someone I would not want to get in the ring with. Before I got to NXT, my confidence was very low, and I never thought I would amount to anything in sports-entertainment. But now, I’m going back and watching those old tapes of Asuka, watching the person I used to be afraid of. Now, I’m ready to face those fears and stand toe-to-toe with Asuka.

WWE.COM: In your opinion, what makes Asuka so intimidating?

MOON: What makes Asuka so intimidating is how dominant she’s been. Her undefeated streak alone is enough to intimidate anyone. But I’m not going to be another number that gets added to that streak. I was told by a wise man many years ago that streaks are made to be broken. I plan on being the one to break Asuka’s.

WWE.COM: How’d you feel the other week on NXT Television when Asuka claimed that she didn’t know your name?

MOON: It’s been a long road for me. April 1 will mark 11 years that I’ve been doing this. Throughout those 11 years, I was always told I wouldn’t accomplish anything or become anything. I proved each and every one of those people wrong by making it to NXT. Asuka can tell me I’m not worthy, but to me, she’s just one more naysayer that I’m going to add to the list of people that I’ve proven wrong.

WWE.COM: What thoughts will be going through your mind when you walk down that aisle at TakeOver?

MOON: I’m a woman on a warpath. My path guides me in the ring, outside the ring, everywhere I need to go. At NXT TakeOver: Orlando, my warpath ends and a new path will begin. TakeOver is where fate is taking me and that is where my stars will align. Everything that I’ve gone through and all the struggles that I’ve had light the fire you see in my eyes and the fire that beats within my heart. Asuka may not know who I am now, but after TakeOver, she will.

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