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NXT Superstars visit home of Manchester attack victim

NXT Superstars visit home of Manchester attack victim

In the wake of last month’s Manchester terror attack, NXT Champion Bobby Roode paid a special visit to one of the young victims and her family.

Eight-year-old Lily Harrison, who was injured in the attack along with her parents, received a house call from Roode, Superstars Nikki Cross and Mark Andrews, as well as PROGRESS Wrestling co-owner Jim Smallman that left the young WWE fan and her family elated.

Not only did Roode present her with an NXT Title, but Andrews and Smallman gave the family a signed copy of PROGRESS’ 2017 Super Strong Style 16 tournament bracket, and all three Superstars sat down with Lily to watch Raw, according to a tweet from her father Adam, a fellow WWE fan.

As a cherry on top, Lily got to FaceTime with a stateside Sasha Banks.

Speaking to Sky News about Roode and Co.’s visit, Lily said, “I felt sick a few minutes ago, but now I don’t.”

Get well soon, Lily. Take care of that title for us.

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