Finn Bálor seeks justice against his mystery attacker

Finn Bálor seeks justice against his mystery attacker

With a suspect list that stretches a mile, Finn Bálor is nevertheless to determined to solve the mystery of who laid him out with a heinous sneak-attack in the backstage area two weeks ago.

The Prince recently engaged in a tense war of words with The Velveteen Dream and was scheduled to face him prior to being ambushed, he has been at odds with United Kingdom Champion WALTER and the rest of Imperium, and he has long-standing issues with several other prominent NXT Superstars, including Undisputed ERA, Johnny Gargano and more.

Bálor has already vowed to call out his attacker this week on NXT, but will the mystery assailant have the temerity to reveal himself to the NXT Universe and look the steely-eyed Bálor in the face? Could fisticuffs between Bálor and his attacker be far behind? Find out Wednesday at 8/7 C on USA Network!

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