Killian Dain def. Matt Riddle

Killian Dain def. Matt Riddle

In a match so hard-hitting that viewer discretion would be advised, Killian Dain put down Matt Riddle for the three-count, dealing the former UFC fighter a rare loss inside the squared circle. And when that wasn’t enough to stop the double-tough Riddle from wanting to continue the fight, Dain kicked his ruthlessness into overdrive and laid out Riddle in a vicious scene that won’t soon be forgotten by the NXT Universe.

Riddle entered the contest at less than 100 percent to begin with, sporting bandaged ribs thanks to his and Dain’s brawl at TakeOver. That fact wasn’t lost on Dain, who used surgical precision to attack Riddle’s ribs and mid-section throughout the match. Although Riddle gritted through the pain and delivered a truly gutsy performance, even his most high-octane offense — such as the Final Flash knee strike — appeared to have less force than normal and couldn’t keep Dain down.

The match took a sickening turn when Dain delivered a senton splash onto Riddle on the ring steps and then followed up with a Vader Bomb off the ring apron onto the floor. Riddle spat out blood after that impact, causing the announcers to speculate that he had suffered internal injuries. Dain then rattled off three more Vader Bombs inside the ring before pinning The Original Bro.

Even in his weakened condition, Riddle still had fight left in him. Riddle chased after Dain and, as revealed in a exclusive video, the two gladiators continued their clash outside the arena, where The Beast of Belfast eventually left Riddle lying after hitting him with a senton onto a ladder, no doubt worsening whatever injuries Riddle sustained over the course of the match.

Matt Riddle and Killian Dain brawl outside the arena: Exclusive, Aug. 21, 2019

The arena cannot contain the carnage as Matt Riddle and Killian Dain brawl outside the building after their hard-hitting showdown in the main event.

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