Keith Lee takes aim at The Archer of Infamy in colossal clash

Keith Lee vs. Damian Priest

Keith Lee has a point to prove, and he’s looking to make it at Damian Priest’s expense.

Despite the great expectations that came with Lee’s arrival last year, the mighty Texan’s tenure has thus far had more starts and stops than a school bus route. Adding to his woes, new Superstars are emerging weekly, snatching up opportunities that Lee believes he deserves.

On a mission to “change the narrative,” Lee has called out the undefeated Priest, arguably the most imposing of NXT’s fresh faces, leading to this week’s potent main event. Will Lee remind everyone why we should all bask in his glory, or can the hard-hitting Priest add another notch to his belt as he continues his quest to “live forever”?

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