Raul Mendoza def. Riddick Moss

Raul Mendoza def. Riddick Moss

Competing in his first NXT TV match since tearing his Achilles tendon one year ago, there’s no question that Riddick Moss was in tip-top physical condition for his outing against Raul Mendoza. Whether the chiseled Superstar, who credits his remarkably quick recovery to his eponymous “Riddick Regimen,” was amply focused on the threat of Mendoza, however, is another matter altogether.

Mendoza welcomed Moss back with a flurry of fast-moving offense, prompting Moss to call for a break so he could use a cordless muscle massager on his boulder-like deltoid. (The massager was one of several accoutrements Moss brought to the ring, along with a Regimen-branded water bottle and a resistance band, the latter of which Moss used to sneak in a final pre-match pump). Proving that his time off hadn’t affected his strength, Moss later caught a springboarding Mendoza out of midair and curled his 200-pound frame for reps before throwing the luchador overhead.

As impressive as Moss looked, he was undone by his own hubris. Mendoza rejected Moss’ attempt to force him to drink from the Riddick Regimen water bottle, before rattling off a series of attacks that culminated with a twisting springboard splash for the upset win! Full Sail Live erupted in elation and Mendoza celebrated his triumph while a beaten Moss wallowed in despair on the ramp, visibly stunned over how quickly his return went south.

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