Matt Riddle def. Punishment Martinez

Matt Riddle vs. Punishment Martinez: WWE NXT, Dec. 5, 2018

The King of Bros faces powerful and world-traveled NXT rookie Punishment Martinez. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

ORLANDO, Fla. — In a battle of two of NXT’s newest Superstars, Matt Riddle extended his undefeated streak on WWE Network, downing the debuting Punishment Martinez.

The Bronx-born Martinez was ferocious in the face of Riddle’s technical expertise, battering Riddle with a cyclone kick and a clothesline. The King of Bros stayed true to chill form throughout, weathering the storm and keeping a cool head until he found his opportunity to twist on the Bromission. The powerful Martinez initially fought off the hold, but he capitulated after Riddle bludgeoned him with hard forearms and reapplied the hold.

Before Riddle returned to the locker room, however, his celebration was cut short by Kassius Ohno. The Knockout Artist, still fuming over his six-second loss to Riddle at TakeOver: WarGames II, took out his frustrations by waylaying Riddle from behind with a devastating Rolling Elbow.

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