“Limitless” Keith Lee enters Lars Sullivan Territory

Keith Lee pounces Lars Sullivan out of the ring: WWE NXT, Nov. 21, 2018

After laying waste to Keita Murray, Lars Sullivan gets a taste of his own medicine from Keith Lee. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Lars Sullivan will find out what it’s like to fight someone his own size when he collides with Keith Lee on NXT.

The two pugilistic pachyderms came to blows last week when Lee stopped Sullivan from carrying out a post-match beatdown on a defeated opponent. The 320-pound Lee pounced the 330-pound Sullivan out of the ring (aka “Lars Sullivan Territory”) in one of the few documented instances of The Freak being physically overwhelmed. Following the confrontation, both Superstars had to be separated in the locker room.

Lee has been unstoppable and undefeated since coming to NXT, while Sullivan has been on a path of destruction as he searches for another NXT Title opportunity. Which super-heavyweight will be left standing this week on WWE Network?

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