Johnny Gargano def. Riddick Moss

Johnny Gargano vs. Riddick Moss: WWE NXT, Sept. 13, 2017

Johnny Wrestling tries to get back on track in singles action against the powerful and ever-confident Riddick Moss. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Johnny Gargano came away from his battle with Riddick Moss as the victor, but that doesn’t mean Johnny Wrestling has found his footing as a singles competitor.

Gargano struggled against Moss, the powerful yet inexperienced ex-footballer who, alongside Tino Sabbatelli, had accused Gargano of being nothing without #DIY. As Sabbatelli rooted on Moss from ringside, the cocky Performance Center upstart dominated Gargano with knockdowns.

Garagano fought back and managed to lock on his tried-and-true Gargano Escape, but Moss reached the ropes to force a break, much to Gargano’s shock. After the close call, Moss returned to thrashing Gargano, and Sabbatelli tried to swing the match even more in his partner’s favor by interfering, but Gargano cut him off at the pass. Johnny Wrestling then stunned Moss with a slingshot spear for the three-count out of nowhere. It wasn’t pretty or easy, but it was a win.

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