Lars Sullivan destroyed No Way Jose

Lars Sullivan attacks No Way Jose: WWE NXT, Aug. 23, 2017

An irate Lars Sullivan ambushes No Way Jose mid-conga line prior to their scheduled match. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Brooklyn, N.Y. — Well, so much for the conga line.

No Way Jose had the Brooklyn crowd hyped up to start this week’s NXT, to the point where a few lucky members of the NXT Universe joined him for a pre-match dance outside the ring. Unfortunately, Lars Sullivan wasn’t a fan of the performance as he stormed down the entrance ramp, barreling over the fun-loving Superstar.

The monstrous Sullivan continued to lay waste to Jose as NXT fans looked on in horror. After slamming Jose face-first into the mat, Sullivan stomped out of the ring, leaving Jose to be attended to by WWE officials.

Later in the evening, exclusive footage from revealed what seemed to spark Sullivan’s anger. The temperamental Sullivan was backstage performing an interview when Jose’s entrance music distracted him to the point of fury.

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