Ruby Riot def. Kimberly Frankele

Ruby Riot def. Kimberly Frankele

As the WWE Universe eagerly awaits this summer’s global Women’s Tournament on WWE Network, Ruby Riot took on newcomer Kimberly Frankele in a battle for position in NXT’s stacked division.

Riot scored early with a leaping hurricanrana, but lost focus when her arch-nemesis, Nikki Cross, arrived at ringside. Frankele pounced on the distracted Riot, drilling her with a kick to the spine and rocking her with knife-edge chops. However, the tough-as-nails Riot absorbed the blows and returned fire before dropping Frankele with a wind-up Pele Kick for the win.

As she celebrated her victory, Riot also stared down Cross while the SAnitY member retreated to the locker room, leaving little doubt that the NXT Women’s division’s two wildest Superstars are bound to cross paths again.

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