No Way Jose def. Alexander Wolfe

No Way Jose vs. Alexander Wolfe:  WWE NXT, April 20, 2016

NXT's newest Superstar, No Way Jose, makes his in-ring debut against Alexander Wolfe. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

The Dallas crowd was in for a treat this week, as they witnessed the debut of NXT’s newest Superstar, No Way Jose. The stoic Alexander Wolfe was thrown off by the newcomer’s unique style, as Jose danced his way out of the German’s clutches early on. Wolfe tried to force Jose to submit, but when the referee asked him if he gave up, the energetic newcomer had only one answer: “No way!”

Jose may be light on his feet, but Wolfe learned that he had heavy hands, as well. No Way Jose staggered the German with a series of home-run swinging double axehandles before winding up to clobber Wolfe with a big right hand to the jaw, making his debut a victorious one.

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