WWE Fastlane 2015 predictions

WWE Fastlane 2015 predictions

As WWE races toward WrestleMania 31, no event before The Show of Shows holds as much intrigue or importance as WWE Fastlane, which airs live Sunday on WWE Network.

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The fabric of WrestleMania’s WWE World Heavyweight Title main event will be determined when Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan joust for the top-contender spot. Also at WWE Fastlane, four titles will be defended, brothers will duke it out and three of WWE’s most popular Superstars will take aim at The Authority’s handpicked wrecking crew.

But who will win? Check out these WWE Fastlane predictions by WWE Hall of Fame announcer Howard Finkel, “The Voice of Extreme” Joey Styles and WWE.com editors, and add your own in the comments section below.

WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

WWE Fastlane 2015 predictions

@JoeyStyles: Despite being the WWE Tag Team Champions, it’s hard to believe the twin sons of soon-to-be–WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi are not experiencing self-doubt. After all, they were defeated on SmackDown by the makeshift team of WWE Fastlane opponents  Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan. If Jey & Jimmy psych themselves out and hesitate for just a moment at the wrong time while facing the brass-ring-reaching dynamic duo Cesaro & Kidd, they will find themselves former WWE Tag Team Champions by the time their father gets inducted. The King of Swing and the cat-loving fact-dropper have become a surprisingly cohesive team worthy of being champions. That said, The Usos will be focused and will retain their twin titles. WINNERS: The Usos

@HowardFinkel: I believe The Usos have gotten pretty comfortable as WWE Tag Team Champions; they’ve done well for themselves. Still, sometimes two Superstars who are not gaining any momentum individually get together to see where they can go collectively. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro did just that, and at WWE Fastlane, they have the opportunity to unseat The Usos and gain the tag team gold. I really like the Kidd-Cesaro team. They’re making the most of the opportunity afforded them, and I see new WWE Tag Team Champions being crowned. WINNERS: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

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Jeff Laboon: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd are the hottest team in WWE at the moment. The new pairing’s double-team style is reminiscent of the great tag teams of the ’90s. WINNERS: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

Mike Murphy: I just don’t see how The Usos leave WWE Fastlane with their WWE Tag Team Titles. The twin brothers have been suffering loss after loss of late, including a couple to the No. 1 contenders themselves. On the flipside, Cesaro & Kidd are on such a hot streak that it seems like a WWE Tag Title win isn’t just a prediction, it’s a fact. WINNERS: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

John Clapp: It’s not the dynamism of Cesaro & Tyson Kidd, whose fine-tuned teamwork harkens back to The British Bulldogs, that should worry Jimmy & Jey Uso most. Rather, The WWE Tag Team Champions should be concerned about how desperate Cesaro & Kidd are to show the world why they believe they’re among WWE’s elite. I predict the challengers will stop at nothing to capture the tandem titles. WINNERS: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

Cesaro & Tyson Kidd: 4, The Usos: 1

Divas Champion Nikki Bella vs. Paige

WWE Fastlane 2015 predictions

@JoeyStyles: What’s with The Bella Twins mocking Paige for her pale complexion? Almost all of the WWE locker room would look as opaque as Paige does if there wasn’t enough spray tan backstage to stock your local Maaco auto body shop. Regardless of petty insults and pranks, Paige was born to wrestle. What she had to endure in England just to start her journey to WWE makes whatever Nikki can do look tame by comparison. As long as Paige finds a way to avoid outside interference from Brie, I expect Paige to win her third Divas Championship. WINNER: Paige

@HowardFinkel: Since winning the Divas Championship, Nikki has basically had her way. From successfully defending her title to reconciling with Brie, Nikki has lived the dream. Paige has been on the threshold of Divas Championship glory on two prior occasions, though. They say three’s a charm, and I agree. Paige will avenge the embarrassments she’s suffered, and in the process, will win the Divas Championship for a third time! WINNER: Paige

Paige makes like a Rosebud for her match against Summer Rae

Jeff Laboon: When Brie Bella quit WWE in summer 2014, Nikki Bella took the time apart from her sister to become one of the baddest Divas in WWE. Paige has accomplished much in her first year on the WWE roster, but it’ll take a lot to win the title from Nikki. WINNER: Nikki Bella

Mike Murphy: Paige has a hard reality to face: She is all alone and has no friends to help her out. Nikki will have Brie at ringside to bail her out of any trouble, which has proven to be a winning formula for the champion and, sadly, will again on Sunday. WINNER: Nikki Bella

John Clapp: The Bellas, though undeniably talented, are too preoccupied with cosmetic appeal, compared to the hard-knocks styling of Paige. Whereas Nikki seems overly concerned with poking fun at her competition, Paige appears wholly focused on proving herself to be the superior competitor. Not only will she succeed, but she’ll do so by making Nikki submit to the PTO. WINNER: Paige

Paige: 3, Nikki Bella: 2

Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan vs. Seth Rollins, Kane & Big Show

WWE Fastlane 2015 predictions

@JoeyStyles: The anti-Authority trio of The Showoff, The Big Guy & Erick Rowan has yet to fully taste vindication since being fired and, as a result, humiliated by The Authority. Unfortunately for all three, they are not going to get their hands on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon any time soon. That being said, Authority enforcers Seth Rollins, Kane & Big Show will be lined up like bowling pins at WWE Fastlane. While Rollins has looked picture perfect lately, I can’t remember the last time Kane and Big Show had a decisive victory. I expect this match to end with the half-suit-wearing former demon getting his shoulders pinned to the mat as the result of a Zig Zag. WINNERS: Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan.

@HowardFinkel: There is absolutely no love lost between these two teams, and I look for a combative contest. However, there are two underlying factors: First, all is not well between Kane and Big Show — how will that play out (if at all)? Second, will we see the involvement of the pesky J&J Security, who have no business being at ringside during Rollins’ matches? Ultimately, the dissension between The Authority’s giants will result in a victory for the Ziggler/Ryback/Rowan trio. WINNERS: Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan

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Jeff Laboon: Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan are sick of getting held back. Ziggler, Ryback & Rowan defeated The Authority once, and they can do it again. WINNERS: Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan

Mike Murphy: This is quite possibly the hardest match to call of the event. On one side, you have a unified Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan going up against a dysfunctional Kane and Big Show, with Seth Rollins set to be his team’s mediator. However, The Authority always seems to have something up its sleeves to secure victory. WINNERS: Seth Rollins, Kane & Big Show

John Clapp: Big Show and Kane have clearly hit a snag as partners, but if we’ve learned nothing else, we know The World’s Largest Athlete and The Devil’s Favorite Demon are exceptionally capable of forgiveness (or, at least, forgetfulness) when it comes to in-ring flare-ups. Expect the big men to work more cohesively than anyone would reasonably assume, and the pair of giants — combined with the self-proclaimed “future of WWE” — will be too much to topple. WINNERS: Seth Rollins, Kane & Big Show

Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan: 3; Seth Rollins, Kane & Big Show: 2

Goldust vs. Stardust

WWE Fastlane 2015 predictions

@JoeyStyles: We WWE fans have waited a long time to see the Rhodes brothers do battle. Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes has held a combined 21 WCW and WWE championships, including two reigns with younger brother Cody “Stardust” Rhodes. If this match were to come to a conclusive end, I would expect the more experienced Goldust to win. However, what we will witness Sunday will be a fraternal fistfight that I expect to end in a double disqualification or count-out, resulting in a No Disqualification, No Count-Out rematch at WrestleMania. WINNER: n/a

@HowardFinkel: Say it ain’t so! Entertaining, unusual, unique. As a team, all of these adjectives used to apply to Gold & Stardust. Now, the association has bit the dust. Do you remember when Cody tried to find Goldust the perfect partner, only to eventually join his brother? In retrospect, that might have been a big mistake, because as time went on, Stardust fell further into the “Twilight Zone.” And the patriarch himself, Dusty Rhodes, ultimately failed to instill some logic into Cody’s mind. I believe Stardust will fall out of orbit at WWE Fastlane, as the elder sibling will bring him back down to earth with an old-fashioned wrestling lesson! WINNER: Goldust

Dusty Rhodes tries to talk sense into Stardust

Jeff Laboon: You know it’s bad when Goldust is the voice of reason. Ultimately, Stardust’s madness and speed will give him the advantage. WINNER: Stardust

Mike Murphy: It’s clear that problems have grown frighteningly real for the two brothers since they lost the WWE Tag Team Titles months back. Yet, it seems the issues between the two have gotten in the head of Goldust far more than Stardust, who seems to be anger incarnate at the moment. I see a focused, furious Stardust the winner over a confused and distraught Goldust. WINNER: Stardust

John Clapp: The man whom Dusty Rhodes used to lovingly refer to as “The Prince of Wrestling” is no more, replaced by a devious and dark and outright creepy cat named Stardust. Though nobody knows better than Goldust that losing oneself in an alternate persona can lead to great success, The Bizarre One’s experience edge will give him the win against his equally talented younger sibling. WINNER: Goldust

Goldust: 2, Stardust: 2 

Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose

WWE Fastlane 2015 predictions

@JoeyStyles: While the Bad News Bull Hammer is more than capable of knocking out the deranged Dean Ambrose, or anyone else for that matter, The Lunatic Fringe is just too hard to prepare for. Usually Ambrose isn’t concerned about winning or losing as long as he can wreak havoc on his opponents. However, with Ambrose’s unbalanced brain focused on beating Bad News Barrett for the championship, I think he’s both unstable … and unstoppable. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

@HowardFinkel: One might think that Ambrose is truly representative of an “inmate running the asylum” (witness the “contract signing” from Raw this past Monday). Ambrose most definitely marches to the beat of a different drummer, something that Bad News Barrett has to factor into his strategy for this match. I look for the brash Brit to be three seconds better than Ambrose; that’s all it takes to win the match. Ambrose will come awfully close to garnering the Intercontinental gold, but overall will fall short. WINNER: Bad News Barrett

Watch Ambrose force Bad News Barrett's hand

Jeff Laboon: Dean Ambrose had a tumultuous 2014, from the split of The Shield to getting his head crushed into a cinder block. His Intercontinental Championship match against Bad News Barrett marks the first opportunity to right the wrongs of last year. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

Mike Murphy: As arguably one of the best Intercontinental Champions in recent memory, having held the title five times in less than a four-year span, Bad News Barrett is not one to be taken lightly. Unfortunately for the champion, neither is Dean Ambrose, who is unlike anyone Barrett has come across before. Sure, Barrett’s gotten in his barbs and drawn Ambrose’s ire, but all that will accomplish in the end is incense The Lunatic Fringe and propel him to an Intercontinental Title victory. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

John Clapp: A certifiable madman like Dean Ambrose is undoubtedly dangerous, but will he be able to stay laser-focused? Look for Bad News Barrett to approach his opponent cautiously — and strategically. He will absorb a lot of punishment along the way, but Barrett will be savvy enough to find an opening and strike at the right moment, much to The Lunatic Fringe’s dismay. WINNER: Bad News Barrett

Dean Ambrose: 3, Bad News Barrett: 2

United States Champion Rusev vs. John Cena

WWE Fastlane 2015 predictions

@JoeyStyles: Did anyone expect Rusev to go this long without being pinned or made to submit? I didn’t. Rusev’s list of victims reads like a who’s who of WWE Championship history: Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, Big Show, Great Khali and Jack Swagger are all former World Champions that have all tapped out or passed out because of Rusev’s agonizing Accolade. However, over the last decade, John Cena has proven he will be on WWE’s Mount Rushmore. Does Cena have the ability to defeat Rusev with multiple AAs or the STF? Yes, and Rusev and the incomparable Lana know it. That’s why I think Rusev will escape WWE Fastlane without being pinned or submitted but will lose via intentional disqualification to keep his record intact. WINNER: John Cena

@HowardFinkel: Since day one I have been a firm believer in the in-ring abilities of Rusev. To not have been pinned or submitted since debuting nearly a year ago is a feat unto itself. I think the arrow continues to point upward for Lana’s pride and joy. And despite Cena’s penchant for giving 150 percent effort at all times, I truly think Rusev will take the measure of Cena convincingly at WWE Fastlane. WINNER: Rusev

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Jeff Laboon: The Super Athlete will be like a shark smelling blood at WWE Fastlane, and one swift kick to Cena’s eye could signal the biggest victory in Rusev’s career. WINNER: Rusev

Mike Murphy: Rusev has never been pinned or made to submit in WWE, and I think that is going to remain true following WWE Fastlane. However, I do not predict Rusev to be the winner of this contest either. Expect Rusev and Cena’s mutual disdain for one another to cause this match to spiral to the outside, where both men will forget the existence of a 10-count and draw in a chaotic brawl. WINNER: n/a

John Clapp: Rusev’s Accolade has been put to the test by several of WWE’s strongest Superstars, including Big E and Mark Henry, but what will happen if The Super Athlete lands Cena in the compromising position? If any Superstar can break free of the back-breaking hold, it’s the Cenation leader, and that’s why smart money says Cena leaves WWE Fastlane with the stars-and-stripes title around his waist. WINNER: John Cena

John Cena: 2, Rusev: 2

Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan (Winner faces WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31)

WWE Fastlane 2015 predictions

@JoeyStyles: Why Roman Reigns played into The Authority’s manipulative hands by agreeing to this match befuddles me. Regardless, the former powerhouse of The Shield will still be going to The Show of Shows after defeating Daniel Bryan at WWE Fastlane. As Bryan fans send nasty tweets to @JoeyStyles, I ask them to remember that I, too, am a huge “Yes!” Man fan. However, matches are not popularity contests. As formidable as Bryan’s “Yes!” Lock and running knee strike are, if Reigns hits the 5-foot-8, 180-pound Bryan with the Spear, Bryan won’t even to be able to compete at this year’s WrestleMania. WINNER: Roman Reigns

@HowardFinkel: From what I’ve witnessed leading up to WWE Fastlane, I suspect we will see two individuals who will leave it all in the ring. This is going to be as good a battle as it gets. Daniel Bryan has arguably not missed a step since his return to in-ring action, while Roman Reigns continues to fire on all cylinders. A virtual coin toss for me to determine the winner … coin in the air … and it falls on the side of Bryan to win the match and go on to the main event of WrestleMania. WINNER: Daniel Bryan

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Jeff Laboon: It’s agility against power. Daniel Bryan hasn’t shown any sign of weakness since returning from injury, but power may be too much for agility at WWE Fastlane. WINNER: Roman Reigns

Mike Murphy: Roman Reigns was my pick to win the 2015 Royal Rumble Match and go on to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, and I still hold to that prediction despite this large challenge before him in Daniel Bryan. Reigns is still a freight train, and his final destination is still the main event of WrestleMania 31. I feel bad for everyone on the tracks. WINNER: Roman Reigns

John Clapp: The idea of Daniel Bryan forcing his way into the WrestleMania main event for a second consecutive year and challenging for the title he never actually lost sounds like a fairytale, and I’m plenty curious to see how the undersized “Yes!” Man would fare against big Brock. Though his neck is vulnerable, and a Spear wouldn’t help matters at all, Bryan’s intestinal fortitude is hard to deny. WINNER: Daniel Bryan

Roman Reigns: 3, Daniel Bryan: 2

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