WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne def. Zack Gibson

Pete Dunne leaves Zack Gibson battered and bruised: 2018 NXT U.K. Championship (WWE Network Exclusive)

Zack Gibson is feeling confident against Pete Dunne, until the WWE United Kingdom Champion puts him painfully in his place.

After battering his way to the top of the 2018 WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament, Zack Gibson ran into somebody even crueler and more dangerous than he: U.K. Champion Pete Dunne.

Looking to repeat the success that his Shankly Gates wristlock brought him the night before, Gibson wore down The BruiserWeight’s arm and shoulder, sending him into the ring barricade and steel steps. Dunne fired back often, however, and was willing to take some damage if it meant inflicting more, such as when he countered Gibson’s Helter Skelter into an X-Plex on the entrance ramp.

The hard-hitting fight reached a fever pitch after an action-packed exchange that culminated with Gibson hitting an avalanche Helter Skelter. Gibson then locked in the Shankly Gates, but Dunne bravely fought his way to the ropes to break the hold.

The U.K. Champion looked down and out after 2018 U.K. Championship Tournament winner repeatedly stomped him in the head, but Gibson was soon overcome by his own hubris. As Gibson brazenly slapped Dunne and boasted, finger pointed skyward, that he is Liverpool’s No. 1, Dunne latched on to Gibson’s exposed digit and cranked it sideways. He then clobbered Gibson with a huge forearm smash and hit Bitter End (his second of the match) for the pinfall victory.

As The BruiserWeight took in the deafening reception to his victory, the entire NXT UK roster gathered alongside Dunne and Triple H at the top of the entrance ramp, giving the fans inside Royal Albert Hall a glimpse of what’s to come as the brand enters its next chapter.

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