WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate def. Mark Andrews

Tyler Bate vs. Mark Andrews - WWE U.K. Championship Match: WWE U.K. Championship Special, May 19, 2017

Tyler Bate tries to continue his WWE U.K. Title reign against the high-flying Mark Andrews. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Few athletes can keep up with Mark Andrews, the ballistic 160-pounder with world-renowned speed and agility. WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate just happens to be one of them.

Bate matched Andrews move-for-move through countless momentum swings, though it seemed like Andrews had crafty and often brutal reversals for many of the titleholder’s attacks, too. If Andrews wasn’t dodging Bate’s rolling wheel kick, he was slamming the titleholder's head into the ringside floor with a devastating DDT or spiking it into the canvas with a reverse hurricanrana.

Bate’s prodigious ring awareness nonetheless won out in the end. When Andrews soared through the air with a GIF-friendly shooting star press, Bate welcomed him harshly to earth, stabbing him with a pair of knees. Bate then secured the W after clobbering Andrews with a rolling kick and planting him with the Tyler Driver ’97.

Looking to send a message to the champion he faces at TakeOver: Chicago, Pete Dunne re-emerged. The Bruiserweight shoved down a fatigued Andrews, much to NXT General Manager William Regal’s protest, before offering his hand to Bate in a supposed sign of goodwill. With Regal standing between them, Bate refused the handshake, instead choosing to stare a hole through his brash challenger.

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