Survivor Series dream teams: Sheamus

Survivor Series dream teams: Sheamus

WWE.COM: What Superstars could hang with The Celtic Warrior?

SHEAMUS: Bret “Hit Man” Hart, Andre the Giant — for obvious reasons, “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

WWE.COM: Three legends right there. Any method to how you chose them?

SHEAMUS: I need to have a technician in the group. Bret’s always been great. Macho Man’s the high-flyer. Andre, well, let’s be honest, he’s The Giant. Probably the most famous giant ever. Not too many people came out of fights with him unscathed. I think the only way to get him out of the match is if he eliminated himself or got counted out.

WWE.COM: Who else?

SHEAMUS: One more, right?

WWE.COM: Yeah.

SHEAMUS:  “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

WWE.COM: Obvious question, but why him?

SHEAMUS: Because he’s an a**kicker like meself. If it gets down to 5-on-2 you need someone who is very good at fighting uphill battles and there’s no better man.

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