Survivor Series dream teams: Daniel Bryan

Survivor Series dream teams: Daniel Bryan

WWE.COM: Who would be on your Survivor Series dream team?

DANIEL BRYAN: First off, I’d pick Shawn Michaels, because he trained me and he’s the best WWE Superstar of all time.

WWE.COM: Would you have picked Shawn even if he didn’t train you?

BRYAN: It’s hard to say. That’s such a big “what if,” because he’s been such a big influence on my career because he trained me. That’s why I’d have him on the team. If Barry Horowitz had trained me I’d probably put Barry Horowitz on there too. Maybe Shawn would be out and Barry Horowitz would be in.

WWE.COM: Your career might look a lot different if that was the case. Who else?

BRYAN: Second, I’d pick Jake “The Snake” Roberts just because I’d love to come to the ring with him and his snake.

WWE.COM: That’s an interesting choice.

BRYAN: Man, [Jake’s] a genius. He’s somebody who is just so incredibly smart and knows this business inside and out. It was fascinating talking to him.

WWE.COM: Who’s the third Superstar on your squad?

BRYAN: The third would be William Regal, because he was such a huge influence on my career. The fourth would be The Ultimate Warrior purely to drive William Regal mental.

WWE.COM: You’d throw your team into turmoil just to annoy William Regal?

BRYAN: I can only imagine the frustration of him dealing with The Warrior running down and shaking the ring. I think it’d be a lot of fun.

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