When and where will Primo & Epico get their WWE Tag Team Title rematch?

When and where will Primo & Epico get their WWE Tag Team Title rematch?

It’s time for super agent A.W. to start practicing what he’s preached in recent weeks.

“The Man with the Plan” already promised that Primo & Epico will “get the best and beyond” after he signed the former WWE Tag Team Champions as part of All World Promotions. ( FULL STORY) If the best is yet to come for the Puerto Rican partners, then A.W. now needs to make good on the one thing that his newest clients will expect their representation to deliver – a successful rematch against Kofi Kingston & R-Truth for the Tag Team Titles.

On the May 11 episode of SmackDown, announcer Josh Mathews reiterated A.W.’s statement that he will decide when and where his clients will execute their rematch clause. If A.W.’s wheeling and dealing is to produce the title situation that will most benefit the former champions, then exactly what time and place will their representative request during the negotiations?

Perhaps WWE.com can help by offering this list of choice events that the enterprising dealmaker could deem suitable for Primo & Epico as they prepare to challenge the high-octane titleholders.

Option #1: Raw SuperShow in Richmond, Va. – May 21, 2012

When and where will Primo & Epico get their WWE Tag Team Title rematch?

A.W. already missed the chance for his clients to compete for the titles at WWE Over the Limit. However, he could make a historic decision by advising Primo & Epico to capitalize on the aftermath one day later on Raw SuperShow.

The former titleholders would easily benefit from taking on whoever squeaks by in the anticipated battle between Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger and the current champions at the upcoming pay-per-view. Whether R-Truth & Kingston retain or Ziggler & Swagger win at Over the Limit, neither pair may be able to compete at 100 percent less than 24 hours after colliding for the titles at the RBC Center in Raleigh, N.C.

As challengers, history would also be on Primo & Epico’s side in the River City. The WWE Universe has seen three new tag team champions be crowned at the Richmond Coliseum, including when Marty Jannetty & The 1-2-3 Kid seized the titles from The Quebecers in 1994. ( WATCH)

Option #2: WWE live event in Birmingham, Ala. – June 3, 2012

When and where will Primo & Epico get their WWE Tag Team Title rematch?

Would “The Man with the Plan” consider advising Primo & Epico to compete for championship gold at a non-televised clash in the Magic City?

The situation presented in Alabama’s largest metropolitan area would offer the Superstars from San Juan a feeling of familiarity. That’s because Primo & Epico first won the WWE Tag Team Titles in a bout without the cameras rolling. Therefore, another WWE live event might lead the duo to a similar outcome. Also, Primo previously competed in Birmingham in June 2009 as one-half of the United WWE Tag Team Champions. Knowing the lay of the land will only help prepare his team for another high stakes encounter.

A championship win at Birmingham’s BJCC Arena also offers the allure of an international victory lap as the WWE Live Tour rolls through Mexico and South America later that week. All World Promotions would earn its pedigree if his clients could kick off a round of global gloating as the new champions.

Option #3: SmackDown in Manchester, N.H. – June 15, 2012

When and where will Primo & Epico get their WWE Tag Team Title rematch?

Every day that Primo & Epico go without a scheduled rematch takes them out of sight and out of mind of the defending champions. For a pair of challengers looking to capture the title, the possibility of the present titleholders taking their attention off of you means they may bring less than their best for the encore clash.

So if Kingston & R-Truth ultimately agree to a return bout at Verizon Wireless Arena on the final SmackDown before No Way Out in June, the lapse in time may mean that their attention may be so far from facing the former champions that they ultimately pay the consequences in championship gold.

By scoring the upset on SmackDown instead of No Way Out itself, Primo & Epico approach the June pay-per-view with surging positive momentum and stolen headlines regarding how the WWE Universe is clamoring to see the new champions in action. No publicist could possibly recreate the buzz that A.W. would generate by simply steering his clients to challenge for the titles on the five-month anniversary to the day in which Primo & Epico first won the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Option #4: WrestleMania XXIX

When and where will Primo & Epico get their WWE Tag Team Title rematch?

The circumstances surrounding the rematch that defeated champions traditionally receive are not entirely clear. For instance, does the opportunity even extend to opponents beyond the titleholders that took their championship gold? What if the reign of Kofi Kingston & R-Truth ends abruptly? Will A.W. still be able to broker a title opportunity based on the rematch clause if it means facing a different championship duo?

If A.W. does, in fact, have an open invitation for when and where his clients can claim their rematch regardless of who the champions may be, would the slick super agent suggest putting it off until an epic venue presents itself? What if he proposes rolling the dice on a rematch at SummerSlam or Survivor Series? Better still, what more enticing opportunity could WWE’s newest power broker suggest than competing for championship gold at WrestleMania?

Regardless of whether this “Grandest” wager pays off, Primo & Epico can immediately put all other Tag Team Title contenders on notice. The competitive cousins will get their once in a lifetime opportunity on their schedule and, more importantly, on the terms that All World Promotions puts in place.

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