Primo, Epico & Rosa Mendes sign with A.W.'s "All World" talent agency

A.W. signs Primo, Epico & Rosa Mendes to his agency: Exclusive - May 3, 2012

A.W. officially signs Primo, Epico & Rosa Mendes to his agency, promising them success.

The hustle has added some collective muscle. has confirmed that superagent A.W. has signed Primo, Epico & Rosa Mendes to his ”All World” talent agency, officially making the former WWE Tag Team Champions his clients. ( STORY: 10 SUPERSTARS A.W. SHOULD SIGN)

“The Man With the Plan” had been courting the high-power threesome for several weeks leading up to this past Monday’s Raw SuperShow, insisting that the team deserved better placement and promotion at WWE events. ( WATCH) The then-Tag Team Champions had initially rebuked A.W.’s offer to represent them, but changed their tune moments after losing the twin titles to R-Truth and Kofi Kingston on Raw SuperShow. The WWE Universe did not get to see the full scope of their negotiations, but the slick-talking A.W. seemed all too happy to accommodate Primo & Epico’s sudden change of heart. Days later, they were signed to his stable.

"We're going all the way!" boasted A.W. at the official signing, promising to take he former champs to "The Promised Land" as they put pen to paper. Rosa sealed the deal, quite literally, with a kiss.

"We expect nothing but the best from this new relationship," Rosa said, to which A.W. replied, "You're going to get the best and beyond."

The effects of this signing could be tremendous for all parties involved. If A.W. is as good as he says he is, Primo & Epico should find themselves in the thick of the Tag Team Title race with little lag time. And taking on two former champions could open doors in the WWE locker room for A.W. himself as well. Should the partnership pay dividends, then the question, of course, doesn’t become who A.W. will scoop up next – it’s who will seek him out first.

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