Back in the saddle of destruction

Back in the saddle of destruction

DETROIT -- For the Brothers of Destruction, teaming with each other is like riding a bicycle; they may not do it often, but they never forget how good the ride can feel…especially when it means running down the competition.

Before Friday night, it had been nearly a year since Kane & Undertaker last teamed up inside a WWE ring. Still, WWE Tag Team Champions Matt Hardy & MVP thought they knew what they were up against in facing the brothers on SmackDown. None of that mattered, though, once those four men hit the ring at Joe Louis Arena and the Brothers of Destruction celebrated a successful reunion by downing the "odd couple" champions in a non-title tilt.

Before the bout, the WWE Tag Team Champions actually seemed to gel and join up on the same page, as they finally agreed that to compete with -- rather than against -- each other. The two even exchanged a handshake and the "team captain" reminded Hardy to "follow my lead out there."

Unfortunately for the champs, if that was MVP's best motivational speech, poor Matt might want to seek guidance elsewhere in the future. From the opening bell, the Brothers of Destruction practically dominated the bout. Despite an unusually cohesive effort from Hardy & MVP -- one that didn't surprise JBL -- Undertaker & Kane went out and proved what SmackDown's color commentator said about them: "[The Brothers of Destruction] are the most dominant tag team I have ever seen in that ring."

Hardy & MVP did manage to create one solid chance to steal the victory when Matt hit the Twist of Fate on Kane; however, MVP, ever the opportunist, made a blind tag to Hardy and tried to pick the bones of Kane's carcass. Instead, the Big Red Machine kicked out of his pinfall, and that was the beginning of the end for the champions.

After Undertaker got involved and took Hardy out of the equation, the Brothers took turns pummeling the United States Champion. Following a moment of back-and-forth that made it look like his "P" stood for "ping-pong ball" instead of Porter, MVP felt the power of Undertaker's Tombstone piledriver. Three seconds later, the match was over.

Thankfully for MVP & Hardy, the bout was a non-title match, so the gold stays around their waists. However, as JBL put it best, the champions might be in trouble: "I don't know if the [WWE Tag Team Championship] is in their future," the self-proclaimed wrestling god crowed. "Hell, I don't know what they want. But whatever it is, they can just go out and get it."

The big victory wasn't the end of Undertaker's night, however, as he later caused a ruckus that kept Cyber Sunday's World Heavyweight Championship Match in a state of flux. Read more on that story…

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