Who's No. 1?

Who's No. 1?

DETROIT -- With World Heavyweight Champion Batista watching from ringside, Finlay and Rey Mysterio faced off on SmackDown last Friday, battling for the right to be named No. 1 contender to The Animal's gold at Cyber Sunday. But the ring could not contain the tension that erupted between the Irishman and Mysterio -- nor could it ultimately keep out another threat to Batista's reign as champion. A threat that had already bested The Animal earlier this year.

The physically brutal Finlay did all he could to ground the high-flying Master of the 619, but the ever-resilient Mysterio refused to let the Irishman just walk through him to the title match. A frustrated Finlay, unable to keep his cool, shoved referee Mickie Henson out of the way so that he could deliver further punishment to Rey with his preferred weapon of choice, his trusty shillelagh.

It was then that our fans in Joe Louis Arena, as well as the World Heavyweight Champion, heard the familiar sound of Undertaker's gong and watched the arena go dark. Moments later, when the lights came back on, The Phenom stood in the center of the ring, over an incapacitated Finlay and Mysterio. The former World Heavyweight Champion next turned his attention to Batista and motioned for the gold. The Animal, never one to back down, stood up from the announce table as he and Undertaker stared each other down, in a scene reminiscent of their other historical showdown in Detroit, at WrestleMania 23.

It was announced before Mysterio and Finlay squared off that, beginning Saturday at noon ET, our fans can log onto WWE.com and vote on one of three individuals to be the guest referee at Cyber Sunday's World Heavyweight Title Match -- Mick Foley, SmackDown announcer JBL or "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. But since Undertaker's involvement resulted in no clear winner in the match, another question must be asked:  Who is the No. 1 contender to Batista's championship?

Immediately after SmackDown went off the air, The Animal's opponent for Cyber Sunday was announced in a blockbuster exclusive available to WWE Mobile on AT&T subscribers. That announcement, however, will become available to everyone who logs onto WWE.com this Saturday at noon ET, when they vote for the guest referee of their choice. With so much at stake, it's safe to say that your vote will count more than ever before.

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