United States Champion R-Truth def. Andrade and Rey Mysterio in a Triple Threat Match

R-Truth vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade - United States Championship Match: SmackDown LIVE, Feb. 26, 2019

R-Truth issues an open challenge for his United States Championship and finds himself in the ring with heated rivals Rey Mysterio and Andrade.

United States Champion R-Truth continued a longstanding tradition (started by his apparent childhood hero John Cena) when he arrived on SmackDown LIVE and issued a United States Title Open Challenge … and he quickly got more than he bargained for.

Rey Mysterio and Andrade each answered the call, resulting in Truth asking “What would John Cena do” and agreeing to an impromptu, high-octane Triple Threat Match after Carmella told him Cena would do just that. The dazzling title fight saw everything from powerbombs on the floor, to hurricanranas that were delivered with Superstars on other Superstars’ shoulders, to R-Truth hitting a picture-perfect Five-Knuckle Shuffle!

In the clutch, R-Truth avoided a double-619 from The Greatest Mask of All Time and caught Rey with a surprise rollup for the win. After the fact, Andrade tried to take out his frustrations on Mysterio, but Rey would have none of it, fighting him off and leaving them to collide another day, a day the WWE Universe would be craving sooner than later.

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