Shane McMahon and The Miz teamed up in a tag bout after “Miz TV”

Shane McMahon and The Miz teamed up in a tag bout after “Miz TV”

After Raw swept SmackDown LIVE at Survivor Series this past Sunday, SmackDown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon joined “Miz TV.”

The Miz first heaped praise upon Shane McMahon, calling himself a “Shane Stan” after his transcendent performance this past Sunday in the Men’s Traditional Survivor Series contest. Shane-O-Mac wasn’t exactly won over by The A-Lister’s support, however, and the interaction quickly took an interesting turn when Miz asked Shane to team up with him tonight! Shane at first seemed hesitant, but Miz was really pushing for it, revealing that he had already asked Paige for the match earlier in the night.

Just like that, two local competitors arrived to take on the first-time-ever tag team of Miz and Shane, the co-Best in the World. Miz beat down one of the local competitors, clearly trying to impress Shane. Finally, after the damage appeared to be done, Miz requested to tag in Shane so that he could finish the job. Shane-O-Mac opted against it, wanting Miz to finish the match. This moment of deliberation provided just enough time to recover for the local competitor, Dane, and when Miz strolled back over to him, Dane rolled up Miz for a shocking upset victory.

Miz was in shock, and Shane seemed almost amused. But hey, the only way to go is up.

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