Asuka interrupted Carmella and James Ellsworth’s reunion

Asuka interrupted Carmella and James Ellsworth’s reunion

TOLEDO, Ohio — Mellabrate good times, come on!

SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella shocked everyone but herself on Sunday night when she defeated Asuka to retain her title at WWE Money in the Bank after James Ellsworth made his unbelievable return. Princess Mella hit the scene on SmackDown LIVE to remind everyone within earshot that she made The Empress of Tomorrow bow down to her “all by herself.” Asuka then appeared to be interrupting… but, much like Sunday night, it turned out to be Ellsworth dressed as an Asuka doppelganger. 

Ellsworth let everyone know that he was back to serve his Princess — the greatest woman in history – and Carmella then had him rattle off the entire list of Superstars she is better than. Ellsworth’s list was lengthy, including the likes of WWE Hall of Famer Lita and Ronda Rousey, but then concluded with Asuka, which prompted the real Empress of Tomorrow to arrive. Asuka entered the ring, and Ellsworth, looking to impress Carmella, informed his Princess that he would take care of this one. 

Ellsworth then attempted to stare Asuka down, which only led to her hitting Ellsworth flush in the stomach with a spinning heel kick that sent him straight down. However, Ellsworth would prove to again pay dividends for the SmackDown Women’s Champion, as the distraction allowed Carmella to connect with a superkick right to The Empress of Tomorrow. 

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