Randy Orton burns down The Wyatt Family Compound during Bray Wyatt’s Invocation

Randy Orton burns down The Wyatt Family Compound during Bray Wyatt’s Invocation

WWE Champion Bray Wyatt came before the WWE Universe to make it clear that he had given Randy Orton the “keys to the kingdom” after The Viper declared that he refused to challenge Wyatt for the title at WrestleMania as long as Wyatt was the master and he was the servant. Well, it turned out that “keys to the kingdom” was a literal statement. The Reaper of Souls sent his “brother” on a mission to follow the buzzards toward The Wyatt Family Compound.

The WWE Champion, from within the ring, began to wax poetic about how new No. 1 Contender AJ Styles had no chance against him at WrestleMania and was simply a sacrificial lamb. However, The New Face of Fear’s world instantly changed when The Apex Predator suddenly appeared on the TitanTron to shock the WWE Universe.

At first, it simply seemed as if Orton had completed his master’s wishes of arriving at the hallowed ground of the Compound. Orton went on to explain that underneath the ground he was standing on was where Sister Abigail laid. Orton then proclaimed that he was going to burn the spirit of Sister Abigail to death and watch Bray burn with her. The Viper then proclaimed that he would momentarily be the master and Bray the servant.

Orton declared that he was coming for Wyatt and his WWE Championship at WrestleMania. The New Face of Fear was engulfed with rage, but not as engulfed as the Compound itself, which Orton lit with gasoline and then set Sister Abigail’s resting place ablaze.

With Orton’s shocking betrayal comes many questions. The biggest now, however, is what becomes of the WWE Title Match picture now at WrestleMania?

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