Carmella def. Natalya

Natalya vs. Carmella: SmackDown LIVE, Dec. 13, 2016

With Nikki Bella on commentary, The Queen of Harts goes to war against The Princess of Staten Island.

With the controversy over who actually attacked Nikki Bella at Survivor Series still raging, Natalya attempted to diffuse Carmella’s claims that it was her before the match began by addressing Nikki (who was on commentary). The Princess of Staten Island quickly cut that off though, making her way to the ring to get the contest rolling.

The Queen of Harts would not be deterred, however, still trying to plead her case to Fearless Nikki even while wrestling the match. However, a questionable moment came when Natalya, trying to reason with Nikki on the outside shoved The Fearless One. Whether or not she was shoving her out of the way of Carmella or simply shoving her is a mystery.

All of these distractions for Natalya, however, led to Carmella taking advantage, finding a three count with a roll up for the victory.

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