Who will be in WrestleMania 31’s Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match?

Who will be in WrestleMania 31’s Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match?

With news breaking this week on WWE’s Facebook page that Bad News Barrett will defend his Intercontinental Title in a Ladder Match against multiple Superstars at WrestleMania 31, we can’t help but wonder who these unnamed challengers will be.

The most obvious candidate seems to be Dean Ambrose. He does, after all, have the Intercontinental Title in his possession. That should count for something, right?

Not so fast. The Authority have had their issues with The Lunatic Fringe in the past, and they certainly can’t be fond of his rebellious antics of late, including his abduction of the Intercontinental Champion’s very title. Yet would it be “best for business” to keep the popular Ambrose out of this historic bout at The Showcase of the Immortals?

WrestleMania 31: Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match preview

Another potential challenger for Barrett’s title is R-Truth. The rapping Superstar has a non-title victory over the British brawler, and even took a turn stealing his championship from ringside on SmackDown before handing it back to Ambrose. The former U.S. and WWE Tag Team Champion has been outspoken in his quest for the Intercontinental Title, even starting the Twitter hashtag #GiveTruthAChance. Will R-Truth finally get that chance at The Show of Shows?

There are a number of competitors that could be included in WrestleMania 31’s Intercontinental Title Ladder Match on Sunday, March 29. Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler have scored non-title victories over the English titleholder. The Miz, Sin Cara and Luke Harper have all either held the title or offered a serious challenge for it in recent months. Will any of these Superstars be involved in the climb for Intercontinental glory?

Let’s also not forget the explosive talent currently making up the tag team division. Can you imagine what high-flying competitors like The Usos, Tyson Kidd or The New Day’s Kofi Kingston would add to the Ladder Match? And what about the power of Cesaro or the pure aggression of The Ascension? What kind of weapon would the ladder become in their hands? 

Watch: R-Truth takes off with the Intercontinental Title

There are countless possibilities, especially when one considers the number of people competing in this epic Ladder Match is still to be determined. Just how many Superstars will Barrett have to fight off on The Grandest Stage of Them All? The WWE Universe will just have to wait and find out as The Road to WrestleMania continues its historic journey.

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