Big Show could make history at WrestleMania

In a way, Big Show’s Intercontinental Championship Match against Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania XXVIII is the most important match in his entire career. It's not simply because Rhodes has demeaned, assaulted, and otherwise attempted to sully the giant’s reputation leading up to The Show of Shows. But it plays an important role because of the milestone that he himself can achieve. ( MATCH PREVIEW | SHOW VS. RHODES ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA: PHOTOS)

For weeks now, Rhodes has made light of The World’s Largest Athlete’s apparent reputation as a “choke artist” on The Grandest Stage of Them All, pointing out Big Show’s spotty track record at past WrestleManias. Cody Rhodes does have a point. Despite his incredible career, Big Show’s WrestleMania record does leave something to be desired. But here’s a tidbit that the outspoken Intercontinental Champion might not have realized.

Big Show is one title away from having earned every active title in WWE, placing him among the most decorated Superstars to ever step into the ring. Show has held the WWE Championship, the World Heavyweight Championship (45 seconds or not, he was still the champion), the United States Championship, and the WWE Tag Team Championship (as a bonus, he’s also won the now-defunct ECW Championship, Hardcore Championship, and World Tag Team Championship, no “small” feat by any stretch of the imagination).

The only remaining title needed to complete the set? That’s right, Cody Rhodes’ precious Intercontinental Title, which he’s held in his clutches for more than 200 days. Just one victory and Big Show will achieve a new level of immortality in WWE, lifting himself to a lofty pedestal that few have reached.

History might be on Rhodes’s side, where the giant’s record at The Showcase of the Immortals in concerned. But if Big Show pulls off his first WrestleMania victory in signals competition, he will make history on a very large scale. All he has to do now is win. ( MATCH PREVIEW | SHOW VS. RHODES ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA: PHOTOS)

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