Putting the V in 'Cloverfield'

Putting the V in 'Cloverfield'

When self-proclaimed "rational" people exit the theaters after seeing Cloverfield, they assure themselves that monsters -- especially enormous, grotesque, inhuman abominations -- don't exist. But our fans know better. On Sunday, residents of New York will learn the truth as well when a real monster in Big Daddy V invades Manhattan for the Royal Rumble Match.

"There is this film Cloverfield that everyone talks about," said Striker. "I'm sorry; the only clovers I deal in pertain to Finlay. What we are looking at here is absolute domination. What we are looking at here is Big Daddy V."

The inclusion of the letter V in the government's name for the monster, which shares the same name as the movie, might just allude to the film serving as a preview of Sunday's event.

Critics are still on the fence about the box office hit, but there is no doubt that New York's ground is sure to shake when the pay-per-view comes to the Big Apple. There is no doubt that Big Daddy V will wreak havoc in Madison Square Garden, the heart of New York. As he joins the 29 other contestants competing for a title opportunity, the Extreme Mastodon undoubtedly boasts the greatest girth. And size matters more than ever in a Royal Rumble Match, when the goal is to stand your ground and avoid being tossed over the top rope and out of the ring.

As beads of sweat drop down from Big Daddy V on his opponents like hopeful missiles from the sky, one has to wonder if the opposing Superstars will create a military of their own with the common mission of destroying the monster. It is hard to imagine one man taking on the task of lifting this goliath over the ropes, to the floor.

Even scarier perhaps is the thought of Big Daddy V adding reinforcements to his already dominant 500-pound army of one. Striker's mammoth and Mark Henry have often been seen covering each other's backs on Tuesday and Friday nights. And Henry plans on bringing his intimidating body to the war in the squared circle, as well.

"Being indigenous to New York City, I have seen many disasters that have affected my home," said Matt Striker. "The fact that Big Daddy V is entering the Royal Rumble that will take place at Madison Square Garden makes me begin to think of other large, impending methods of destruction."

With or without help, Big Daddy V is planning on turning Royal Rumble into a graveyard for carnage. And if the 29 other men in the ring don't take him seriously, Sunday could be Armageddon.

Be sure to watch the battle, Sunday at 8/7 CT only on pay-per-view.

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