The Fink’s Royal Rumble Memories: 1993-1997

The Fink’s Royal Rumble Memories: 1993-1997

The Royal Rumble has been one of WWE’s most unusual and unpredictable events. From what I would call the “best seat in the house,” I‘ve witnessed - and on many occasions introduced - a number of defining occurrences through the years. Therefore, as we celebrate the 25th edition of this long running WWE staple on Jan. 29, revisits some of the magical moments that took place over the past 24 Royal Rumbles - some from the Royal Rumble Matches themselves, others from clashes that took place in the titularly named pay-per-view event. Read my moments from 1988-1992 and check back next Wednesday for more Royal Rumble memories from 1998-2002.

embedcolon25052452YOKO? OH, NO!
1/24/93 - Sacramento, Calif.
Entering the Royal Rumble Match at No. 27, the 500-plus pound Yokozuna literally held his ground for his time spent in the ring, eliminated six competitors, then withstood the final barrage of “Macho Man” Randy Savage to win the 30-Superstar over-the-top-rope contest. For the first time in Royal Rumble Match history, the winner gained a WWE Championship Match opportunity at WrestleMania.


1/22/94 - Providence, R.I.
Controversy surrounded the outcome of the 1994 Royal Rumble Match as both Bret Hart and Lex Luger simultaneously eliminated each other. After a heated discussion between the referees who officiated the match, and the inconclusiveness thereof, then-WWE President Jack Tunney intervened and mandated that Hart and Luger be declared co-winners.


embedcolon25052454 BIGELOW L-TEED
1/22/95 - Tampa, Fla.
In the finals of a tournament to determine new WWE Tag Team Champions, the 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly emerged victorious over Bam Bam Bigelow & Tatanka. Former New York Giants star Lawrence Taylor, who was at ringside for the event, was more than happy about Bigelow’s loss; in fact, he was laughing! Bigelow did not take too kindly to that, and a fracas ensued between the two that culminated in a confrontation at WrestleMania XI.


1/21/96 - Fresno, Calif.
It was a night of optimum success for Shawn Michaels. Having suffered a concussion back in November 1995, then battling post-concussion syndrome, The Heartbreak Kid proved both experts and skeptics wrong by entering and winning his second Royal Rumble match in as many years. Michaels eliminated Diesel to garner the victory.


embedcolon25052456REMEMBER THE ALAMODOME
1/28/97 - San Antonio, Texas
Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home! And in the case of Shawn Michaels, that was the truth. In front of a cheering hometown crowd at the Alamodome, HBK got a measure of retribution over Sycho Sid from the 1996 Survivor Series. Taking a page out of Sid’s playbook by nailing him with a TV camera, The Showstopper successfully regained the WWE Championship.


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