The Fink’s Royal Rumble Memories: 1998-2002

The Fink’s Royal Rumble Memories: 1998-2002

The Royal Rumble has been one of WWE’s most unusual and unpredictable events. From what I would call the “best seat in the house,” I‘ve witnessed - and on many occasions introduced - a number of defining occurrences through the years. Therefore, as we celebrate the 25th edition of this long-running WWE staple on Jan. 29, revisits some of the magical moments that took place over the past 24 Royal Rumbles - some from the Royal Rumble Matches themselves, others from clashes that took place in the titularly named pay-per-view event.


embedcolon25054134AUSTIN "2:16"?
1/18/98 - San Jose, Calif.

Do you know the way to San Jose? “Stone Cold” Steve Austin did! Continuing to ride the crest of a wave of surging popularity, Austin eliminated The Rock to win his second consecutive Royal Rumble Match and punch his ticket for an opportunity at the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XIV.

embedcolon25054192NO PEOPLE'S EYEBROW IN "QUIT"
1/24/99 - Anaheim, Calif.

"I Quit!" A term that no competitor in WWE would ever want to utter while competing in the field of battle. However, those two words were seemingly uttered three times by Mankind, as he was dethroned as WWE Champion by The Rock in their “I Quit” Match. In the process, The Brahma Bull became a two-time WWE Champion.


embedcolon25052918JERICHO WINS 3-FOR-BRAWL
1/23/00 - New York, N.Y.

Madison Square Garden was the setting for the first of Chris Jericho’s victories to become an undisputed champion. In a Triple Threat Match, Y2J and Chyna, co-holders of the Intercontinental Championship, along with Hardcore Holly, battled it out tooth-and-nail, with the brash, cocky Jericho coming out on top.


embedcolon2505293111 ELIMINATIONS FOR KANE
1/21/01 - New Orleans, La.

One of the greatest feats ever in the history of the Royal Rumble Match took place in New Orleans, when an upstart Kane entered the match at No. 6 and eliminated 11 Superstars during the course of his time in the ring. It’s a record that stands to this day!



embedcolon25052925THE HUNGER GAME
1/20/02 - Atlanta, Ga.

Making his in-ring return after recovering from a debilitating quadriceps injury, a determined Triple H was more than ready to play the game in the Royal Rumble Match. Despite skeptics and naysayers' predictions, The King of Kings emerged victorious in the longest 30-Man Royal Rumble Match in WWE history.


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