Randy Orton attacked Edge

Randy Orton attacked Edge

What was set to be a triumphant homecoming for WWE Hall of Famer Edge turned into a shocking scene when The Rated-R Superstar was ruthlessly attacked by Randy Orton moments after The Viper called the returning Superstar his “family.”

The severity of The Viper’s attack can’t be overstated. Returning to the brand where he was forced to retire due to neck injury nine years ago, Edge revealed he had clawed his way back from two surgeries to end his career on his terms. Although he admitted he was unsure how much time he had left in him, he refused to live in a world of “What if?” and emphasized that grit couldn’t be feigned or fabricated.

Orton arrived to seemingly propose a Rated-RKO reunion (“What if?”), only to RKO The Ultimate Opportunist, leaving the Hall of Famer writhing on the mat and clutching his neck. The Apex Predator didn’t stop there, unleashing a heinous steel chair Con-Chair-To attack that targeted the surgically repaired neck of his old friend. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean Edge’s return is over before it starts. “What if,” after all. But it’s looking like a very, very big “if.”

See the aftermath of Randy Orton’s assault on Edge: WWE.com Exclusive, Jan. 27, 2020

Don’t miss the aftermath of Randy Orton’s sadistic assault on Edge following the conclusion of Monday Night Raw.

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