Twice Bitten

Twice Bitten

AUSTIN, Texas -- Things didn't exactly go the way Mr. McMahon had planned. The Chairman arranged a No Disqualification Match between him and Hornswoggle, hoping to teach his bastard son a lesson in tough love. But it was Mr. McMahon who was taught a lesson … in humility. 

Moments after the bell rang, the Chairman heaved his reluctant son to the mat and berated him around the ring. But that was before the arrival of Hornswoggle's protector, Finlay, who flat-out ignored Mr. McMahon's threats of termination were he to interfere.  

Instead, the man who loves to fight ignored the possibility of losing his job -- a WWE opportunity he had spent years trying to earn -- and not being able to provide for his family. He chose to honor his friendship with Hornswoggle at all costs and stung Mr. McMahon with a crack of his shillelagh. As the Chairman lie writhing in pain, Hornswoggle landed a Tadpole Splash for the win.

Mr. McMahon, however, would not suffer in silence. While being attended to by medical personnel, the dazed Chairman refused to fire Finlay, and instead he arranged a Steel Cage Match with Hornswoggle next week.  Photos | Video


Savage Betrayal

John "Bradshaw" Layfield just can't find good help these days. After losing his match to Chris Jericho, the Lonestar Loudmouth thought his paid muscle, Umaga, was rumbling to his rescue. The Samoan Bulldozer, however, proved that at No Way Out, it's going to be every man for himself when he drove a Samoan Spike into both Y2J and a stunned JBL.  Photos | Video


Brotherly Love

Paul Burchill knows how to make an entrance. The Raw newcomer introduced himself and his beloved sister, Katie Lea, to our fans before facing off against Brian Kendrick and grounding the high-flyer for an inaugural victory. Burchill loves to please his sister -- what Katie wants, Katie gets. Who knows what else Katie will want -- and to what lengths her brother Paul will go to please her -- in the weeks and months to come?  Photos | Video


Ready, Willing, Able

If Mark Henry sought retribution from last week's FU by John Cena, the World's Strongest Man came up disappointingly short. Having recovered from his torn pectoral muscle, the former WWE Champion locked Henry in an STFU until he tapped out. Watching from ringside, Randy Orton couldn't help but notice as his No Way Out opponent exclaimed, "I am 100 percent!"  Story | Photos | Video


Kneed Help

Last week, Mr. Kennedy offered Ric Flair a chance to forfeit their Career Threatening Match at No Way Out. This week, the 16-time World Champion told the loudmouth from Green Bay, Wis. that not only will he be there, he's set on winning. Mr. Kennedy left his mark before he left the ring by kicking the Nature Boy in his already ginger knee.  Photos


Love Hurts

Maria seemed on the verge of defeating Melina again this week when, suddenly, Jillian distracted her with a lip lock on her beau, Santino Marella to allow the Latina beauty to prevail. But Maria's misery didn't end there. Santino issued an ultimatum: She has one week to choose either him or posing for Playboy.  Photos | Video


Non-stop Flight

Jeff Hardy continued to fly high leading up to No Way Out. The "Rainbow-haired Warrior" tangled with The Showstopper, Shawn Michaels, in a match just six days before the two meet again in an Elimination Chamber Match. With his hard-fought victory, Hardy kept the momentum rolling.  Story | Photos

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