'No excuses, No Way Out'

'No excuses, No Way Out'

AUSTIN, Texas -- John Cena made the "World's Strongest Statement" to WWE Champion Randy Orton tonight when he made the gargantuan World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry, tap out to the STFU. And if Orton didn't believe his eyes, Cena literally said it loud and clear for him and the world to hear: "I am 100 percent….I am more focused than I have ever been because for once I am not the hunted. You are the hunted. ... And Randy, this Sunday, there will be no injuries, there will be no excuses. There will be no way out for you." (WATCH)

Since Cena's triumphant return at Royal Rumble, some observers have questioned Cena's recovery from a torn pectoral muscle that sidelined him four months. The doubts grew louder when "The Champ" took on Henry in an Arm Wrestling Match last week on Raw and visibly clutched his arm and side before he -- surprisingly -- came close to defeating the World's Strongest Man.

Despite FUing the near-400 pound Henry and Cena's showing in the Arm Wrestling Match, some skepticism remained. Was Cena coming back too soon? Had he let his ego -- and desire to get revenge on Orton and reclaim the WWE Championship -- get in the way of common sense? Would Cena's decision not to wait until WrestleMania to challenge Orton for the WWE Title come back to haunt him? Was he taking on too much, too soon?

Too Much for Orton to Bear

Cena didn't alleviate any "too much, too soon" fears by deciding to take on Henry in his first one-on-one match since his return. Former World Champions Batista, Rey Mysterio and Undertaker are just a few of the Superstars Henry has sidelined in his career. One thing about Cena -- he really knows no other speed than full-speed ahead, and he does everything big.

And that includes making statements. Cena didn't appear to flinch once during his back-and-forth battle with Henry. And when he clamped on his STFU on the massive Henry -- veins in both his neck and arms bulging -- and the World's Strongest Man tapped, WWE Champion Randy Orton couldn't believe his eyes and muttered under his breath. The Legend Killer joined Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler at the broadcast table to get a closer look at Cena and he didn't like what he saw. (PHOTOS)

Orton didn't like what he heard, either. John Cena is 100 percent and he wants his WWE Championship back. He hasn't forgotten how Orton injured him and targeted his father. He hasn't forgotten how Orton took away everything from him. Cena wants redemption, and there will be no way out for Orton this Sunday at No Way Out. But Orton has shown he is most dangerous when his title reign is in the most jeopardy.

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