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Monday, Aug 3 | 8/7 PMC

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Monday, Aug 3 | 8/7 PMC

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Raw results: Aug. 3, 2020

United States Champion Apollo Crews def. MVP

Apollo Crews vs. MVP – United States Championship Match: Raw, Aug. 3, 2020

Apollo Crews returns to Raw and looks to shut MVP up in this United States Championship Match.

Despite The Hurt Business lurking at ringside and the lights in the WWE Performance Center flickering on and off during the match, Apollo Crews persevered and pinned MVP with the Toss Powerbomb to retain his United States Title and take hold of the new championship.

The Riott Squad def. The IIconics

The Riott Squad vs. The IIconics: Raw, Aug. 3, 2020

Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan reunite to try and silence Billie Kay & Peyton Royce.

On “The Kevin Owens Show,” Ruby Riott was finally able to speak to Liv Morgan, apologizing for the way she treated Morgan upon her return to Raw. The apology was cut short, though, as The IIconics arrived, upset that they weren’t invited to be on “The KO Show,” setting up the tag team showdown. In a spirited battle, Morgan rolled up Kay for the three-count. The IIconics tried to blindside Morgan after the bell, but Riott came to the rescue, and The Riott Squad showed some teamwork, putting Kay down with a double-team maneuver. 

Drew McIntyre confronted Randy Orton

Drew McIntyre vows to take the torch from Randy Orton at SummerSlam: Raw, Aug. 3, 2020

In a heated face-to-face confrontation, the WWE Champion vows to end The Viper’s reign of terror.

After being dropped by Randy Orton with an RKO last Monday, a passionate WWE Champion Drew McIntyre took to the ring, running down The Viper for having everything handed to him during his illustrious career. Orton arrived and mockingly dared the WWE Champion to have an original thought, and McIntyre called him out for failing to act as a locker room leader during his time in WWE before vowing to end The Legend Killer’s reign of terror at SummerSlam. But unlike the RKO from last week, Orton will see this coming.

Nia Jax was suspended indefinitely without pay

Nia Jax is suspended indefinitely: Raw, Aug. 3, 2020

When she refuses to apologize to WWE official Pat Buck, The Irresistible Force is given a shocking punishment.

After her actions last week resulted in a fine for an undisclosed amount of money, Nia Jax was expected to apologize to WWE official Pat Buck for attacking him. Instead, Jax challenged him to a match. But when he refused, Jax berated him. Buck revealed that if Jax wasn’t going to apologize, there were repercussions – namely, that she has been suspended indefinitely, without pay. The Irresistible Force tried to take the news in stride, but she instead dropped the official with a headbutt before storming off.

Akira Tozawa def. R-Truth and Shelton Benjamin to become 24/7 Champion

Shelton Benjamin vs. R-Truth vs. Akira Tozawa – 24/7 Championship Match: Raw, Aug. 3, 2020

After his 24/7 Title is stolen, Shelton Benjamin looks to make R-Truth pay, while Akira Tozawa sets out to reclaim the title.

After discovering that his 24/7 Championship was stolen, Shelton Benjamin quickly found out that R-Truth had nabbed it and headed to the ring for what turned into a Triple Threat Match for the title. Thanks to his ninjas swarming Benjamin, Akira Tozawa connected with a senton from the top rope onto R-Truth to reclaim the title.

Sasha Banks vs. Shayna Baszler ended in a no-contest when Asuka came looking for payback

Sasha Banks vs. Shayna Baszler: Raw, Aug. 3, 2020

After decking The Boss earlier in the night, Shayna Baszler looks to stake her claim to a future Raw Women’s Championship opportunity until Asuka arrives in search of payback.

Shayna Baszler was tired of waiting in line for a Raw Women’s Championship opportunity, and she went right after Sasha Banks, setting the stage for this huge non-title bout. But before a winner could be determined, Asuka attacked Bayley at ringside, resulting in a no-contest. The Empress of Tomorrow challenged Sasha to a match at SummerSlam, but The Boss responded by telling Asuka that she will only get her wish if she can defeat Bayley next week. 

Shane McMahon revealed Raw Underground to the world

Shane McMahon introduces Raw Underground: Raw, Aug. 3, 2020

Shane-O-Mac welcomes the WWE Universe to Raw Underground, a battleground for the toughest Superstars, and introduces the monstrous Dabba-Kato.

Shane McMahon promised to shake things up, and he did just that, revealing Raw Underground to the world. Raw Underground will serve as a battleground for WWE’s toughest fighters to prove themselves with few, if any rules. Shane-O-Mac then introduced the towering Dabba-Kato, who ruthlessly and brutally knocked out two opponents in rapid-fire succession.

Angel Garza def. Angelo Dawkins

Angelo Dawkins vs. Angel Garza: Raw, Aug. 3, 2020

Raw Tag Team Champion Angelo Dawkins goes one-on-one with one of his SummerSlam opponents.

Ahead of their Raw Tag Team Title Match at SummerSlam, both champions and challengers squared off in separate singles matches on Monday night. First up was Angelo Dawkins against Angel Garza. Though Garza may have been preoccupied with flirting with Demi Burnett of “The Bachelor” fame before the match, once the bell rang, it was all business. Dawkins put up a good fight, but Garza walked away victorious after Montez Ford collapsed at ringside, causing Dawkins to turn his attention to his partner. Unfortunately, Dawkins turned back into a superkick and dropkick to the head from The Lethal Lothario.

Montez Ford vs. Andrade ended in a No-contest after Ford collapsed

Montez Ford vs. Andrade: Raw, Aug. 3, 2020

Montez Ford is on a roll against Andrade until he collapses out of nowhere.

Though there was cause for concern after Montez Ford collapsed at ringside during Dawkins’ match, Ford was initially able to compete, and he looked to be extra fired up in battling Andrade. However, when Ford appeared to be on his way to victory, he again collapsed inside the ring, leaving the referee with no choice but to call the match. It was later revealed that doctors believe Ford may have been poisoned earlier in the night, which sent his wife Bianca Belair into a rage, as she accused Zelina Vega and her charges of this heinous act, something Vega vehemently denied.

Erik of The Viking Raiders fights in Raw Underground

Erik fights in Raw Underground: Raw, Aug. 3, 2020

The Viking Raiders seem to be having a good time at Shane McMahon’s Raw Underground.

The fights don’t stop at Raw Underground, as Shane McMahon welcomed Erik of The Viking Raiders to the mayhem. The furious Viking manhandled his opponent, and Ivar was at ringside to toss his hapless foe back into the fight, where Erik dropped him with a vicious knee to the face.

Five masked assailants set fire to the WWE Performance Center’s generator

Mystery group sets generator on fire: Raw, Aug. 3, 2020

After a night of mysterious technical errors and incidents, security footage reveals a group of five people setting fire to the WWE Performance Center’s generator.

On a night where technical malfunctions spread throughout Raw and chaos seemingly reigned, security cameras captured a crew of masked assailants setting fire to the WWE Performance Center’s generator. 

Dominik Mysterio came to Samoa Joe’s aid to fight off Seth Rollins & Murphy

Dominik Mysterio fights off Seth Rollins & Murphy: Raw, Aug. 3, 2020

Seth Rollins & Murphy try to corner Samoa Joe until Dominik Mysterio arrives to even the odds.

Seth Rollins took issue with Tom Phillips’ commentary last week, specifically how he “cheered” for Dominik Mysterio. When The Monday Night Messiah threatened to sacrifice Phillips, Samoa Joe stood up for his fellow announcer. That led to Rollins challenging Joe to a match, which Joe accepted. But no match took place, as Rollins & Murphy cornered Joe with steel chairs. Fortunately, Dominik arrived on the scene with Kendo stick in hand, striking The Monday Night Messiah and his disciple and forcing them to retreat. However, Rollins gave Dominik his wish, accepting his challenge for SummerSlam.

The Hurt Business crashed Raw Underground

The Hurt Business crash Raw Underground: Raw, Aug. 3, 2020

After a night of chaos, MVP, Bobby Lashley & Shelton Benjamin want answers, and they head to Raw Underground looking to beat the information out of anyone in their path.

Things did not quite go The Hurt Business’ way on Raw, so they made their way to Raw Underground to take out their frustrations on anyone and everyone who dared to step in the ring with them. It was utter demolition as MVP, Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin pummeled their opposition. No matter what happened earlier in the night, they made it clear, and in devastating fashion, that The Hurt Business is booming.