Erick Rowan def. Dante Leon

Erick Rowan destroys local competitor for touching his cage: Raw, Dec. 16, 2019

When Dante Leon attempts to look inside Erick Rowan’s mysterious cage, he pays a painful price.

One day, we will know what is in Erick Rowan’s cage. But the cost in locals paid to attain that knowledge will be beyond counting. In Rowan’s defense, however, the competitors who get wrangled to fight him seem to be actively courting their own demise, willingly trying to uncover the mysteries of Rowan’s precious cargo before the inevitable. This guy, Dante Leon, created some distance between Rowan and himself by crawling under the ring to get closer to the pen, but the second he approached it, Rowan came running, and it was only a matter of time. Unfortunately for Dante, not much time.

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