Future of the United States Championship to be addressed

Samoa Joe sounds off following WWE Money in the Bank loss: Raw, May 20, 2019

The Samoan Submission Machine continues to get personal as he intensifies his rivalry with Rey Mysterio.

In the conclusion of the United States Championship Match at WWE Money in the Bank, the referee issued a three-count that awarded Rey Mysterio the star-spangled title. However, Samoa Joe’s left shoulder was clearly off the mat, resulting in no small amount of controversy.

In a self-recorded proclamation aired during Monday Night Raw, Joe said he is willing to “gift” Rey a chance to hand him back the title.

“Rey, I’m giving you the opportunity to lead by example. To be the man that I know you hope Dominick grows to be,” Joe said, once again invoking the name of Mysterio’s son. “Because if you don’t, just imagine the example that I will set for you.”

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