Jason Jordan def. Curt Hawkins

Jason Jordan def. Curt Hawkins

As it turns out, Jason Jordan is a chip off the old block.

Kurt Angle’s newly revealed son showcased his “gold-blooded” pedigree and one of the Three I’s in particular — intensity — in a dominant debut against Curt Hawkins. The former SmackDown Tag Team Champion decimated his foe with an array of impressive, amateur-style takedowns and suplexes that left The Prince of Queens no recourse but to elbow Jordan in the head — hard — in hopes of stopping him cold.

It didn’t work. Jordan yanked his singlet straps down, screamed in Hawkins’ direction and charged him into the corner before finishing him off with an impressive hybrid of the Angle Slam and a neckbreaker, all while the proud papa beamed in the back as he watched on a monitor. Next week's "Miz TV" sitdown should be truly must-see for the young competitor.

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