Bray Wyatt brings true “Horror” to Raw

Bray Wyatt's "Sermon to the Snake": Raw, April 17, 2017

The Eater of Worlds reveals what awaits WWE Champion Randy Orton when The Viper steps inside The House of Horrors at WWE Payback.

Raw’s Bray Wyatt isn’t letting the Superstar Shake-up keep him from tormenting WWE Champion Randy Orton on SmackDown LIVE. This past Monday night, The Eater of Worlds delivered his “Sermon to the Snake,” giving The Viper a taste of what awaits in the House of Horrors Match at WWE Payback.

“My House of Horrors will forever be the nightmare at the end of your dreams,” Wyatt told Orton. “And when I leave this House of Horrors, I will leave alone. But before I go, I am going to burn it to the ground with you inside. Come. Join me, Randy, in the fire where it all began, in the fire where it shall end. It all burns down here, Randy!”

Wyatt, forever changed after The Viper desecrated the resting place of Sister Abigail and reduced the Wyatt Family Compound to ashes, has yet to reveal exactly what will happen in the House of Horrors Match, but it could bode ill for the WWE Champion. As WWE Payback approaches, expect The Eater of Worlds to continue preying on Orton’s psyche, drawing the entire WWE Universe further into his twisted version of reality.

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