Raw Five-Point Preview: July 2, 2012

Raw Five-Point Preview: July 2, 2012

The moment of truth has arrived, and Brock Lesnar’s camp will officially respond to Triple H’s SummerSlam challenge on a Raw SuperShow that’s already bursting with tense situations ready to explode at the slightest provocation. While The King of Kings and the wrecking machine hammer out the fine print (or just hammer each other with their fists), WWE Champion CM Punk and Daniel Bryan will be testing the waters with AJ to determine where her favor might lie as the special guest ref for their WWE Title Match at Money in the Bank.

Also, Theodore Long is wasting no time in trying to impress as Interim Raw General Manager. In what's sure to be a thrilling tag team match between Money in the Bank opponents, Long has announced Punk and John Cena will face Chris Jericho and Bryan tonight! With Long back in the driver's seat, here are five things to look out for on Raw SuperShow.

A most dangerous Game

Triple H punches Paul Heyman: Raw, June 18, 2012

Paul Heyman represents Brock Lesnar to answer Triple H's challenge for a match at SummerSlam.

Triple H might not have the best legal strategy in the world, but he certainly knows how to get inside an opponent’s head. Tonight, we'll see if The Game’s constant needling at Brock Lesnar’s ego will be enough to take his war with the behemoth out of the courtroom and into the ring at SummerSlam … or if he’ll just get hit with another lawsuit for his troubles after his attack of Paul Heyman two weeks ago. How will Brock's camp respond tonight on Raw SuperShow?

A woman scorned?

Daniel Bryan tries to "help" AJ: SmackDown, June 29, 2012

Daniel Bryan offers some advice and tries to "help" AJ.

The fate of CM Punk’s precious WWE Championship might lie in the unpredictable hands of AJ, the special guest referee for The Second City Saint's WWE Title Match against Daniel Bryan at Money in the Bank. With Kane having removed himself from The Geek Goddess’ web and Bryan seemingly attempting to regain AJ's favor, the entire puzzling saga seems to be building to a head. What, if any, motivation does AJ carry leading into the pay-per-view?

Championship credentials

John Cena vs. Chris Jericho: Raw, June 25, 2012

Chris Jericho returns to Raw and goes one-on-one with John Cena.

It was mandated last week that the WWE Title Contract Money in the Bank Ladder Match will only feature Superstars who have previously hoisted the WWE Championship itself. Thus far, John Cena, Big Show, Chris Jericho and Kane are the only competitors announced for the contest, but we’d be surprised if a former champion or two didn’t rear his head from an unexpected location and throw his hat (so to speak) into the mix.

The Kidd is all right

Tyson Kidd vs. Jack Swagger: SmackDown, June 29, 2012 - World Heavyweight Title Contract Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Jack Swagger tries to end downward spiral against Tyson Kidd on SmackDown.

Tyson Kidd shocked the world by winning his way into the World Heavyweight Championship Contract Money in the Bank Ladder Match last week on SmackDown. The beloved Superstar doesn’t get much of a chance to show his stuff before the WWE Universe, but with such a high-profile contest coming up, expect the technically-skilled dynamo to push for more and more competition as Money in the Bank draws nearer.

And the Heath goes on

Sycho Sid vs. Heath Slater: Raw, June 25, 2012

Sid returns to Raw for the first time in 15 years.

Heath Slater keeps chugging along, despite suffering beatdowns at the hands of returning legends like Vader and Sid and being smashed over the head with a gold record by Cyndi Lauper. As Raw 1,000 marches nearer, there’ll likely be more legends for Slater to challenge. Who will return from retirement to take a crack at The One Man Band?

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