Triple H's attack of Paul Heyman may not help The Game's legal woes

Triple H punches Paul Heyman: Raw, June 18, 2012

Paul Heyman represents Brock Lesnar to answer Triple H's challenge for a match at SummerSlam.

Not to put too fine a point on this, but what was Triple H thinking when he punched Paul Heyman in the face last week on Raw SuperShow?!

Heyman has gone on record to say Triple H’s proposal to his client Brock Lesnar – drop the two existing lawsuits (WWE’s breach of contract and Triple H’s assault and battery on Heyman) in favor of a match at SummerSlam – isn’t enough to mend the fences between the wrecking machine and WWE. Triple H attempted to play to Lesnar’s ego by labeling the former UFC champion as a “quitter” and hinting that SummerSlam will be promoted around him, should Brock accept his challenge. The back-and-forth led to a tense, in-ring confrontation last week, which in turn gave way to Triple H flooring Heyman with a hard right when the ECW founder refused to give into the COO’s demands.

Don’t get us wrong: Heyman’s bilious remarks veered a bit too close to home when he brought The Game’s wife, Stephanie McMahon, into the conversation, and the punch certainly fits the M.O. of “attack first, ask questions later” that has defined Triple H as a competitor during his storied WWE career. But it’s certainly fair to say The King of Kings might have picked a poor time to tempt fate by decking one of the most litigious men in sports-entertainment history, when Heyman already has The Game and WWE in a tight spot with two existing lawsuits.

Lesnar was not in the arena this week for Raw SuperShow, but he will respond to The King of Kings' SummerSlam challenge next week. The hard truth is, however, Triple H most likely has nothing to expect from this development than another costly lawsuit. Heyman may have had it coming when The Game sent him down for the count, but the mad scientist has made it clear that he and Lesnar prefer to settle this dispute in court because – well, let’s be honest here – part of their case is fairly cut and dry, especially after Triple H assaulted Heyman again ... on live television.

Even so, the drama will likely continue. The Game will almost certainly  face a third lawsuit after attacking Heyman, but he’s in too deep now to back off and still save face. Even so, the ball is in Lesnar’s court by every measure. He may yet cave to Triple H’s demands, should the COO sweeten the pot. But if he doesn’t, The King of Kings might have to pony up and pay the piper in a big way by the time all is said and done. Another possibility is that Lesnar drops his suit against WWE and faces The Game at SummerSlam but Heyman pushes forward with his assault and battery case.

The irony in all this is that Lesnar might have accepted the challenge before he had The Game surrounded with legalese. Brock is a Superstar who loves a good fight, and Triple H is as worthy an opponent as any. In another world, this would be a non-issue, and the two would be prepping for SummerSlam as we speak. What we’re trying to say, really, is that timing is everything. Triple H’s might not have been so great.

What turn will the Triple H-Lesnar-Heyman saga take? Tune in next week to Raw SuperShow to find out!

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