Big consequences for Big Show?

Big consequences for Big Show?
HARTFORD, CONN. – The WWE Universe is abuzz with speculation about what repercussions might befall Big Show following the chaotic closing scene of Raw SuperShow Monday. ( PHOTOS)

In the midst of a pull apart with John Cena that wiped out several WWE security guards, Big Show inadvertently knocked out the WWE Chairman with a WMD moments after Mr. McMahon added a new twist to Show’s Steel Cage Match against John Cena at No Way Out: If Show loses the match, Laurinaitis will finally hear the boss' infamous catchphrase, “You’re fired!”

Yet as Raw went off the air, Mr. McMahon was left motionless on the canvas, leaving very much in doubt whether he will even be able to make it to ringside Sunday, as he vowed he would. According to early reports from WWE officials in Hartford, the Chairman was being treated for concussion-like symptoms Monday night following Raw. ( INJURY UPDATE)

In the case that he is not cleared to attend No Way Out Sunday, what would Mr. McMahon’s absence mean for the newly added match stipulation? If Show falls to Cena inside the unforgiving steel cage and Mr. McMahon is not there to officially bid “Mr. Excitement” adieu, should Laurinaitis still consider himself as good as fired?

Adding further intrigue to the mix are lingering questions about whether Show’s big punch was backed by bad intentions. Though the strike appeared to meant for John Cena, who ducked, it is imperative to note that that moments before the knockout blow, Show embarked on a diatribe against the boss. The World’s Largest Athlete accused the Chairman of the Board of turning an angry giant into a sideshow act.

With the ink on his renegotiated contract just now dry, however, is Show safe from disciplinary action, even from Mr. McMahon?

Though he dealt the crushing blow that left the Chairman unconscious, just last month Show signed a contract with Laurinaitis that both parties have described as “ironclad.” The confident Show acknowledged his new deal Monday night, telling Mr. McMahon that if he terminates Show’s contract, WWE will still be on the hook for fulfilling its end. Is it possible that Show, ever aware of his cozy deal, laid into the boss without remorse?

Regardless if the punch was intentional or not, there is still reason to believe Show could end up unemployed and out of luck instead of unscathed.

Favorable as Show’s contract may be, one must wonder if it truly offers him protection in a situation as hairy as this one. Superstar contracts are notoriously intricate documents, filled with nuances and loopholes that are not always readily apparent. Could there be a clause in Show’s contract that would disavow WWE of any financial obligation in the circumstance he attacks upper management?

Perhaps Show’s arrogance was misplaced, and he and Laurinaitis have simply been playing loose and fast with the term “ironclad.” If not, does that mean that Show is truly as untouchable as he claims to be – invincible even to the Chairman of the Board?

Though there are far more unanswered questions than there are certainties, one thing is known for sure: On Sunday, Show will be locked inside a cage with a very angry Cenation leader who is determined to rid WWE of a certain raspy-voiced General Manager.

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