The Day After Raw: Your tweets for April 3, 2012

The Day After Raw: Your tweets for April 3, 2012

The Day After Raw: Your tweets for April 3, 2012

In case you haven't heard (or read, or watched), Brock Lesnar is back! This week's Day After Raw features your tweets on Brock, The Funkasaurus, Punk vs. Jericho and more. Let's dig in. YES! YES! YES!

F-5 Warning: Lesnar's Back!

We think Brock Lesnar's F-5 to John Cena may speak for itself. In front of an amazing crowd at Miami's AmericanAirlines Arena, "The Next Big Thing" delivered his signature move to a John Cena who was still reeling after his loss to The Rock at WrestleMania. What's next for Lesnar, and where does Cena go from here?

Brock Lesnar returns to WWE: Raw, April 2, 2012

Brock Lesnar returns to Raw and attacks John Cena.

@alexjaii92 This week has been amazing and last night topped it off by seeing brock lesnar return ;) #lesnar #Boots2Asses #miami
@Musicminden brock #lesnar is back ...wohoooo #wwe
@LaLaWithI Finally Brock is home... #Lesnar #WWE #RAW
@l_emilio_punk #TheRock vs #Lesnar en #Wrestlemania29
@Simo_Brady He is the next big thing. #lesnar
@nickfoster_ F-5! #lesnar
@Ol_Aje Last 15 mins of #RAW last night was better than the whole NCAA Nat'l champ. #Lesnar #F5
@mcknellkis HERE COMES THE PAIN! #lesnar
@killons1ght BROCK LESNAR!!!! #lesnar #brock # brocklesnar
@bananaman81 #Lesnar f5'd #cena out of his shoes #raw
@smellygit316 Here comes the PAIN!!! #Lesnar #WWE #Raw
48m Phil trill ‏ @Thephiltrill Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
Jesus Christ lesnar is back #lesnar
@ColinWork1 @HEELchampMANDY I agree...crowd was so hot last night, amazing reaction for #Lesnar
AndrewNumberOne Brock Lesnar returns to wwe! #BrockLesnar #Brock #Lesnar #BrockClip
@joeyc521 Reply @DCBROCKLESNAR welcome back to #wwe #lesnar
@BenchmarkDaly @WWE #Raw was great, hottest crowd ive seen maybe ever #lesnar #Yes #futureofthebusiness #iwoulddieforthisbusiness
@GrantHiddleston Its time for a new Era #Lesnar
@super_Girl3 #LetsGoCena #LesnarSucks #LetsGoCena #LesnarSucks #LetsGoCena #LesnarSucks #LetsGoCena #LesnarSucks @JohnCena better than #Lesnar
@super_Girl3 @JohnCena please Champ I want you 2 Face #Lesnar at #ExtremeRules in #I_Quit_Match
@DStewartNBT  Does this weekend get better?? #mania #raw #Lesnar
@super_Girl3 #We_Want_A_Match_Between_Cena_&_Lesnar @JohnCena Should Face #Lesnar at #ExtremeRules
@RattanBhumbla #TheBeast #Lesnar #TeamLesnar is back wooooooooooooooo #WWE is back in a big way.
@SimonB79 @AndyBadwool #undertaker v #lesnar @ #wm29 can't wait!!! /excited :) #wwe
@theoriginal_cjs HE`S BAACCCKKKK!!! #LESNAR
@AdamsonCampbell #lesnar back in at WWE who never saw that one coming #UFC
@Addynum1 #lesnar is back!!!! #herecomesthepain
@GingerWhelan212 I'm just shocked #Lesnar
@cbritton99, How'd ya like #Lesnar? He's baaaaack. "@IBEazy: @cbritton99 you remind me of Jack Swagger lol"
@Ryan__Simpson Unbelievable! #Lesnar #Raw #Cena 
@YoungBitxh Still Shocked about #Brock #Lesnar Return @WWE #RAW
@EmaVecchi here comes the pain #lesnar is finally come back !! OMG
@Ultima20000 Reply Still amazed at how hot last nights crowd was #WWE #Yes! #Lesnar
@MaVMitch Can't believe #lesnar is back... My childhood is running back to me fast!
@jayconnolly90 @stretch119 it's handy man U see that #lesnar came back last night

Un-celebratory Toast

As Irish poet Richard Brinsley Sheridan once said, "A bumper of good liquor will end a contest quicker than justice, judge or vicar." CM Punk, take note. 

@Amy_Lowe LOL i love it when CM Punk gets all cocky towards Johnny and makes him look a fool. calling hima tool box :D. I love CM Punk so much!!!!!!
@CalJW Reply Rewatching Mark Henry vs CM Punk. You guys, we need to talk about how amazing this match was in the Lesnar/YES hysteria of last night. #RAW
@imonahorse Noticed that the crowd last night was giving CM Punk the Balls Mahoney treatment. "Balls, balls, balls WHOOOA BALLS!!"
@TrueCarl_Pierren @TrueLoverOfJohn punk,mark henry,kofi,and the miz are my fave 5 whos yours?
@DexAtOnesElbow CM Punk should headline every event! haha
@G5Gates @SomeJuanElse @BryantGomes he could've hit him with a fake bottle, that broke in midair cm punk jus got splashed with liquor lmao
@DanWrexham Follow @LUSEA_. She likes Swans, the sea and CM Punk.
@WWE_RT_ RT if you like CM Punk
@MarcusFeldman chris jericho should shut his big mouth CM Punk is the MAN!! CM PUNK PUT JERICHO'S A$$ IN HIS GRAVE
@MrSaxoLynch @markoneill1888 CM Punk would needty lose the title first but
@D9Claudiu @CMPunk 'CM Punk is still the WWE Champion'. Best In The World!!!
@kashwinner Now for the real main event, my two favorite wrestlers, Chris Jericho vs WWE Champion CM Punk! I think Punk will win this great match!
@migsthewhiz CM Punk ain't no b*stard, but Y2J is acting like a b*stard.
12m alyaxb3 ‏ @alyaxb3 WrestleMania 29.... Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena.. CM Punk Vs The Rock ???? That would be illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
@sailor_moon_irl it helps that i prettymuch tune out everything triple h says so for a while it was like nothing but CM Punk pulling burns on him 24/7

A Funkasaurus Stallion?

Santino Marella may have been on the losing end as captain of Team Teddy at WrestleMania, but The Italian Stallion came up big in the Triple Threat United States Championship Match on Raw. However, it wasn't just what happened in the ring that got the Miami crowd and Twitterverse going; it was what happened after the match you were talking about. Check out the video below.

Santino Marella vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger - Triple Threat United States Championship Match: Raw, April 2, 2012

Santino defends his U.S. Title against Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger.

@chiguy8307 Thank you @WWE I have the #funkasaurus them stuck in my head. Great show last night. A hot crowd makes a huge difference.
@CaseyInSoDak @wanderingeuan the Funkasaurus gives me great feeling I have all-time, all my life!
@MSuhaibH @DanialAhmed7 Lol that's no spoiler! Yo watch out for brodus clay! That man is a star! #Funkasaurus #LordTensai
@Flashproudy Catching up with #Raw LMAO at Funkasaurus having Santino's back and then the awesome dance after. @HEELZiggler that headbutt hurt much?
@TheGuthrieRoy @AlexRileyWWE It could have been worse. You could have been beaten by the Funkasaurus twice like @TheCurtHawkins#SayItToMyFace
@MrKennedy22 @thekidRB yes sir! cobra and funkasaurus teaming up!#callmymomma
Lord Tensai and Funkasaurus as tag team, Yes! Yes! Yes! @GetGlue @WWE
@Mul_Stratus97 Funkasaurus :D :D Cameron and Naomi ;(#SomebodyCalllMyMomma #Raw
@ihenshin #funkasaurus and #lordtensai as tag team champ! #wwe
@kotakmakan YES! Brock Lesnar kembali, dan Funkasaurus dapet storyline nih kayanya. yiihaa! :D
@Whatevs24CDL @ZackRyder you should try and get with Mama Clay #babygotback#funkasaurus
@Rossdp Brock Lesnar Vs. Funkasaurus or I'm not interested.
@Rocky_HS Somebody call my momma! Lool such an addictive tune! Haha#Funkasaurus #WWE
@ChrisReezy7 DAMN! What a headbut @BrodusClay @HEELZiggler you shouldn't run into a #Funkasaurus

@blakhoode Watching lastnight's RAW.. the Santino/Funkasaurus segment cracked me up BIG time! That was the best.
@n3ttles The Funkasaurus is so cool.
@KikiiMcI Good to see @BrodusClay [albeit briefly] outside the usualFunkasaurus routine.
@AruTarKai Santino ft. Funkasaurus... Y lo peor es que tal vez sea lo mejor del show.
@paolobento @adamgoldenballs also worth watching just to see Funkasaurus
@alukey#funkasaurus #justforkids
@GiantBernard damn you looked impressive on #Raw. Reckon Tensai vs Funkasaurus would be a hell of a match!!
@maiii123Funkasaurus; Hahahhaha Santino's dance was epic!
@pigeonboi Funkasaurus you hero!
@JamesTurley1990 somebody call my mama! #funkasaurus
@milanmiracle the cobra is the new funkasaurus dancer! Cobra cobra cobra cobra! Santino for wwe champion!
@bigshaun808Funkasaurus Rex & Santino Marella on #WWERaw doing a dance.
@bravo_homeslice @WWERawGM Great job this week #MrExcitement! Best #Raw in years! #Funkasaurus #DelRio #Rock #Lesnar

Best of the Rest

You never cease to impress with your creativity, WWE Universe! Here are some more tweets about Raw.

Eve has no remorse for what she did to Zack Ryder at WrestleMania: Raw, April 2, 2012

Eve explains that she used Zack Ryder to get her WrestleMania moment.

@WWEUniverseTHE F-5!!! #BrockISBACK! #WWE #Raw @JohnCena

@dlb19338 Rewatching #Raw from last really was an incredible to be a part of that. I hope the #WWE keeps up this momentum.

@ChandraLooney Sorry John but People Power indicates things that the People actually WANT to see. #WWE
@MelanieLDN  I think that's Brie @thebellatwins in the cute white jacket outfit? Very chic! #WWE #Raw
@HyperComboKO Oh hai there, Nikki Bella... I think... #WWE #RAW

@EXEDoN I'm a die hard Cena fan bruh!!! Lol #wwe doing him wrong man
@LINAxR#WWE too bad. Cena didn't win :( the rock sucks!
@catweed55 Brock lesnar is back I finally get to see a match with him and cena #WWE @JohnCena @JerryLawler @BrockLesnar

@DHAP2 "You can’t solve all your problems by kicking everyone in the head, Sheamus. This isn’t Irish Parliament." My favorite quote of the day #WWE

@SilkyC I had never been so happy to hear your voice as I did last night @RRWWE!!!!!! #WWE #RAW made the return of Del Riiiiiiiioooooo #EPIC

@MattB99 Please, Please get these two together as a tag team!!! #wwe @milanmiracle and #Funkasaurus

 @subbadubbadooLmao lord Tensai is definitely Prince Albert A trainnnn only hes been waxed

@dTee86 Haha. The King got jokes! If Mark Henry was the Titanic the iceberg woulda sunk #wwe #raw

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