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WWE Raw SuperShow results: Kane resurrected

NORFOLK, Va. — The 2011 Slammy Awards were as wild and unpredictable as always, but everyone in the WWE Universe will be talking about the monster who crashed the party — Kane!

embedcolon25049135John Cena vs. World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry ended in a No Contest; masked Kane returned (WATCH | PHOTOS)
The Cenation leader had a week to prepare for this showdown with The World’s Strongest Man, but there was one Superstar John Cena was not ready to deal with on Raw — Kane. Entering through hellfire and brimstone, The Big Red Monster made a shocking return under a mask and attacked Cena, driving him into the mat with a devastating chokeslam. The demon’s motives were unclear, but one thing was sure — hell has come home.

WWE Champion CM Punk won the Slammy Award for WWE Superstar of the Year (WATCH | PHOTOS)embedcolon25049134
Incapacitated after the brutal beating he received in his tag bout, the WWE Champion was unable to accept the biggest award of the night from presenter Rey Mysterio. (FULL LIST OF SLAMMY WINNERS) Instead, a sneering John Laurinaitis “humbly” did it for him. The executive revealed that Punk couldn't take the stage, but he will be in the ring on Sunday.

embedcolon25049104Sheamus destroyed Jinder Mahal (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Maybe Jinder Mahal should win a Slammy for “Most Embarrassing Moment of the Night.” Seconds after pontificating in Punjabi towards The Great White, Mahal was kicked into the rafters by Sheamus and left laying in a heap in the middle of the ring.

Speaking of Slammys we didn't see on Raw, click here to check out some WWE.com exclusive awards.

Snooki won a Slammy Award for WWE A-Lister of the Year (WATCH | PHOTOS)embedcolon25049108
In a category that included nominees like The Muppets and Hugh Jackman, it was “Jersey Shore” star Snooki who grabbed the Slammy for her surprisingly agile performance in a Six-Person Mixed Tag Team Match at WrestleMania XXVII. The tanned troublemaker accepted her award from Goldust and Vickie Guerrero via satellite and promised the WWE Universe they’ll see more of her mischief when “Jersey Shore” returns to MTV for another wild season on January 5.

embedcolon25049105The Miz & Alberto Del Rio def. WWE Champion CM Punk & Randy Orton (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Less than a week before he defends his WWE Title against The Miz and Alberto Del Rio in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match at WWE TLC, CM Punk teamed with former rival Randy Orton to face his opponents and suffered a vicious beating. Attacked by Wade Barrett during the bout, The Viper chased the thug through the crowd, leaving The Straight Edge Superstar outnumbered by the vicious villains. After Miz pinned Punk, The Mexican Aristocrat and The Awesome One worked together to ruthlessly bash the WWE Champion with a ladder and promised to destroy him completely on Sunday.

The Rock won the Slammy Award for Game Changer of the Year (WATCH | PHOTOS)embedcolon25049089
Hobbling to the podium on crutches, an ailing Christian ranted about deserving an award for courageousness before presenting the Game Changer of the Year Slammy to The Rock. The Great One was not on hand to accept the trophy, but his WrestleMania opponent did the honors for him. After criticizing The People’s Champion for not showing up, John Cena said The Rock may have changed the game tonight, but this April in Miami the Cenation leader will change the game forever.

embedcolon25049061United States Champion Dolph Ziggler def. Daniel Bryan, Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes and Zack Ryder in a Fatal 4-Way Match (WATCH | PHOTOS); Zack Ryder won a Slammy Award for Trending Star of the Year (WATCH)
The WWE Universe has spoken — or should we say tweeted. In a category that could only be won by becoming the first name to trend on Twitter, Zack Ryder proved that he was the king of social media. But in the ring, it was United States Champion Dolph Ziggler who came out on top, pinning Daniel Bryan to win a wild Fatal 4-Way bout. Long Island Iced-Z's post-match Slammy celebration was brief, though, as his WWE TLC opponent immediately crushed him with a Zig Zag.

The Undertaker won the Slammy Award for OMG Moment of the Year (WATCH | PHOTOS)embedcolon25049024
The Deadman may have won a Slammy Award for kicking out of Triple H’s Tombstone at WrestleMania, but it was The Game who showed up in the ring. Returning to Raw after being put in the hospital by his former friend Kevin Nash, The King of Kings vowed to bring an end to the dangerous Superstar this Sunday at WWE TLC when the two icons meet in a Ladder Match with a sledgehammer hanging above the ring.

embedcolon25049023Kelly Kelly won a Slammy Award for Divalicious Moment of the Year (WATCH | PHOTOS)
The beautiful Kelly Kelly was grateful to receive the Slammy Award for Divalicious Moment of the Year from legendary Diva Lita, but she was less thrilled when Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Natalya crashed the party and snatched her statue. Not one to back down, Kelly immediately slapped her tormentor across the face and took her Slammy right back. Now that's Divalicious.

WWE Champion CM Punk won the Slammy Award for Pipe Bomb of the Year (WATCH | PHOTOS) embedcolon25049090
Former DX member The Road Dogg made a surprise return to WWE to present the always vocal WWE Champion CM Punk with the Slammy Award for Pipe Bomb of the Year. Accepting the statue alongside a mannequin that looked not unlike a young John Laurinaitis, The Straight Edge Superstar used this opportunity to further embarrass the Interim Raw General Manager by presenting a video package that highlighted the executive’s more embarrassing moments. (WATCH) Punk will definitely hear about this in his performance review.

embedcolon25049021Big Show and World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry won the Slammy Award for Holy %&@*#! Moment of the Year (WATCH | PHOTOS); Big Show def. Wade Barrett by Disqualification (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Moments after Big Show accepted the Holy %&@*#! Moment of the Year Slammy on behalf of himself and The World’s Strongest Man for their ring busting brawl at Vengeance, the behemoth faced off with the determined Wade Barrett. Looking to send a message to Randy Orton going into their Tables Match on Sunday, the British thug got himself disqualified by bringing a chair into this bout. In the end, though, he ended up running for his life when The World’s Largest Athlete punched his way through Barrett’s weapon.

Jim Ross won a Slammy Award for the “Tell Me I Did NOT Just See That” Moment of the Year (PHOTOS
SmackDown’s Booker T and Hornswoggle kicked off the 2011 Slammys by presenting the award for the “Tell Me I Did NOT Just See That" Moment of the Year to WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross for his memorable dance moves during the unbearable Michael Cole Challenge.

Of course, as soon as Good Ol’ J.R. took the stage to accept his trophy, he was interrupted by Michael Cole. The sniveling announcer attempted to embarrass Ross, as usual, but ended up humiliating himself when Booker T called for the rivals to faceoff in a freestyle rap contest. Not only did J.R rhyme circles around the so-called “Voice of WWE,” but he finished off his big night by nailing the first-ever Ross-a-Roonie in the ring.