Jordan Devlin def. Tucker

Jordan Devlin vs. Tucker: WWE NXT UK, Oct. 31, 2018

Jordan Devlin makes his highly anticipated NXT UK debut against the tough-as-nails Tucker.

Though Jorden Devlin’s NXT UK debut was highly-anticipated, that didn’t stop his opponent Tucker from using his athleticism to take charge early in their matchup with a Step-up enzuigiri . Devlin answered back with a Standing Moonsault before aggressively going after Tucker’s left arm.

Tucker tried to battle back, only to run headlong into a fierce dropkick. The war-torn competitor hit the Sling Blade, though, charging Devlin in the corner before following up with a Flatliner for the near fall.

With Tucker’s arm giving him trouble, his delay climbing to the top rope cost him, and his subsequent Moonsault was met with a double knee by Devlin. The Irish Ace then hoisted his opponent up on his shoulder and sent him crashing to the canvas for the huge debut win.

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