NXT Level Up results: Nov. 3, 2023

Level Up

Ivy Nile def. Valentina Feroz via Submission

Two stalwarts of NXT Level Up, Ivy Nile and Valentina Feroz pulled no punches while bringing the NXT Arena to a fever pitch.

Competing with a hint of desperation and attempting to defeat Nile one-on-one for the first time in four tries, Feroz stunned Nile with a series of crisp hip tosses and caught her in an excruciating armbar. Even after she was forced to relent due to a rope break, Feroz continued blistering Nile’s arm with punches.

The Pitbull of Diamond Mine, who has mostly steamrolled her competition on WWE’s newest brand as well as NXT, countered a headscissors takedown into her Jaws of the Pitbull dragon sleeper to force a tapout. Following the match, Feroz got into a brief but intense staredown with Nile before taking her leave.

Myles Borne def. Trey Bearhill

Myles Borne has been almost unrecognizable since he joined Drew Gulak’s faction also consisting of Damon Kemp and Charlie Dempsey, but the results have been undeniable.

Pitted against the much bigger and stronger Trey Bearhill, who was competing in his second WWE match after falling to Borne several months ago, a methodical Borne largely controlled the pace.

A former Tulsa University football standout, Bearhill flashed a mean streak by raking Borne’s back and connecting with a nasty crossbody. After Kemp hopped onto the apron and locked horns with Bearhill, however, Bearhill turned into Borne’s impressive dropkick that kept him down for three.

Oro Mensah def. Dante Chen

Though he came up short with Dante Chen after partnering with him against Edris Enofé and Malik Blade last month, Boa may not be done with The Gatekeeper of NXT.

Much to Chen’s confusion, Boa helped himself to a view from the entranceway, though his presence didn’t prevent Chen from clocking Oro Mensah with a clothesline, an atomic drop and a pump kick in quick succession.

Mensah, who was accompanied by fellow Meta-Four members Jakara Jackson and Lash Legend, caught a break when Legend placed Mensah’s foot on the bottom rope after Chen connected with his vicious strike. Moments later, Mensah hit a blistering spin kick for the three-count, and Boa assisted a perplexed Chen out of the ring as NXT Level Up concluded.

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