NXT Level Up results: Feb. 9, 2024

Level Up

Kelani Jordan def. Stevie Turner

Clashing for the first time ever, the energetic Kelani Jordan and Stevie Turner each sought a statement-making win during a fast-paced opening bout.

Seeking her second win in her last three NXT Level Up matches, Turner pounded the mat in frustration when Jordan took her down with a standing crossbody and taunted her by using her hands to place an imaginary crown on her own head.

Turner struck back by yanking her foe’s hair and connecting with a savage boot to the face, but Jordan answered with a handspring reverse elbow and notched the three-count following a split-legged moonsault.

Javier Bernal def. Keanu Carver

If his first two matches on NXT Level Up are any indication, Keanu Carver is not the type of competitor to suffer from a lack of intensity or strength.

Matched against the motormouthed Javier Bernal and coming off a narrow loss to Von Wagner, Carver did most of the early talking while overpowering Big Body Javi, effortlessly hurling him across the ring, and landing a ring-shaking shoulder block that electrified the NXT Universe.

A desperate Bernal went into his bag of tricks in the final moments, taking down Carver with two boots to the face and pinning him while placing his feet on the middle rope.

Myles Borne def. Tavion Heights

Though he was up against the Catch Clause – a stipulation that allows Drew Gulak’s crew to wait until the start of matches to reveal which member(s) will compete – Tavion Heights was a house of fire at the onset of his clash with Myles Borne.

Seemingly unbothered by his lack of an opportunity to scout his opponent as well as Borne’s refusal to shake his hand before the match, Heights outmaneuvered his former friend with several impressive takedowns and an overhead suplex that sent Borne rolling out of the squared circle.

Following a ringside peptalk from his cohorts, Borne went back on the attack, and he claimed the three-count after a quick distraction by Gulak and a picture-perfect powerslam.

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